Nice Example of the W. W. Wilbur Charleston, S.C. Trade Token – He was a Slave Auctioneer
Wilbur had these tokens minted during the hard times when there was a shortage of coinage. It also made a good “business card”. On the front it reads, “W.W. WILBUR. AUCTION & COMMISSION MERCHANT. 1846”. In the center is a standing Auctioneer holding his gavel. On the reverse with a Palmetto tree in the center: MERCHANTS & MANUFACTURERS AGENT COLLECTION BROKER NOTIARY PUBLIC ETC.

We will include copies of their newspaper ads in the Charleston Mercury to frame with this piece. Condition: Over the years we have had a number of these tokens and they come in several varieties. Probably the most important issue is condition. On most examples the auctioneer portrait on the front is almost worn smooth while the reverse is much sharper. To find an example in very fine condition with a nice clear “auctioneer” is a rarity. This example is about the best we have seen. With a price of slave hire badges over $2,000, the Wilbur token is a bargain.

#B159 - Price $200