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The Confederate Reserve Artillery at Gettysburg – Endorsements by 3 of the Most Famous Leaders: Brig. Genl. & Chief of Artillery, William Nelson Pendleton, Washington Artillery Commander B. F. Eshleman, & Commander of the 3rd Corps Artillery, Col. R. L. Walker

One of Our Favorite Confederate Postal Covers – Surgeon Casper C. Henkel, 37th Virginia Infantry

Beautiful Charleston, S.C. Advertising Cover Dated April 3, 1861 – Inventors’ Exchange, Securing Patents in the Confederate States of America!

15th Mass. Private Roland E. Bowen, Captured at Gettysburg, Writes to a Friend from Belle Island Prison

15th Mass. – Roland E. Bowen is released from Belle Island Prison & Writes his Full Story from Camp Parole in Annapolis, Md. – “I AVERAGED ONE HOUR EVERY DAY IN PICKING LICE” – “MY BLOUSE WAS HALF EATEN UP BY THE WORMS” – “I WAS CALLED A BELLE ISLAND SPECULATOR” (You have got to read his money making efforts!)

15th Mass. Roland E. Bowen, Waiting to Be Exchanged, Writes Much Detail about his Capture at Gettysburg & His Journey to Richmond

Long, Large Letter from the 3rd Maine Infantry, Birney’s Brigade – 20 Miles from Richmond – Sgt. Hannibal A. Johnson Writes a Great Letter about the Battle of Williamsburg: “Half of their men were killed by the bayonets of our boys for the rain had rendered half of the guns useless…” – “THE WOUNDED COULD BE HEARD MOANING IN PAIN, FOR IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OFF ALL OUR WOUNDED” – “THE ROAD AND FIELD WAS COVERED WITH THE BODIES OF FRIENDS AND FOE ALL DEAD” – “Some of these poor fellows were so deep in the mud and water that we could not tell whether they were our men or not”

8th Virginia Infantry Letter on the Death of Stonewall Jackson! – Lt. Col. Charles B. Tebbs Writes from Richmond, May 11th, 1863 - “HE IS FAR BETTER OFF THAN HE WAS HERE, AND MAYBE GOD TOOK HIM BECAUSE WE WERE DEPENDING MORE UPON A SOLDIER AND OUR GENERALS FOR VICTORY THAN UPON GOD.”

Letter Written by Workers (Probably Female) at the Confederate Fayetteville Armory in Fayetteville, N.C. August 10th, 1861 – “We are now altering old Hall’s Rifles to Carbines”

2 Letters, Battle of Fredericksburg – Colonel John F. Pierson, 1st New York Infantry – “The groans & cries of the wounded resounded on the air… for two days and two nights did several hundred wounded men lie upon the ground exposed to cold and calling for a little water for the love of God” – “One round shot struck a man near me, and tearing him into two parts, sent half whirling in different directions.”

Confederate General R. S. Ripley Writes from Charleston, S.C. on April 25th, 1861 regarding Requisitions for Fort Sumter – They are to be sent over on THE STEAMER PLANTER…The Ship that Negro Slave Robert Smalls Stole 17 Days Later!

99th Pa. Infantry – William J. Dougall Describes Battles at Auburn, Bristow Station, Fairfax Court House, Bull Run, and best of all, A BULLET GOING THROUGH “THAT RED PATCH… ON THE TOP OF THE CAP” (Corps Badge: 3rd Corps, 1st Division, Red Diamond)

Our Favorite Runaway Slave Broadside - $50 REWARD for a Slave Named Zada – Dated Nov. 19th, 1852 this Slave is Similar to Eliza in Uncle Tom’s Cabin!

5th Vermont Battle Letter – Lee’s Mill, Va. – Amos B. Hawley of Co. B – Sends Home a “Secesh Postage Stamp” – Bodies “unburied by the Rebels after being robbed of their clothing and brutally bayoneted and punched with sticks”

Currier & Ives Original Print “The Surrender of Genl. Joe Johnston Near Greensboro, N.C. April 26th, 1865” – Shows General Sherman & Johnston 

18th Virginia Infantry – William Robert Elam, Wounded & Captured in Picket’s Charge, Writes from Johnson’s Island, Ohio

One of the First Newspaper Reports of the Custer Massacre, "Horrible Butchery!!" - From the Coldwater Semi-Weekly Republican, July 7th, 1876

U.S. Steamer Augusta Off Charleston, May 22nd, 1863 – Letter from Pardon Spencer – Great Description of the Union Ironclad “Little Monitors”, Capturing a “Contraband” & Chasing Blockade Runners. At Port Royal: “I saw one white woman the last time I was there. She had only one eye and perhaps a wooden leg.”

Written from the 1st Capitol of the Confederacy - Montgomery, AL. April 24th, 1861 - Confederate Cavalry Colonel E. K. Smith Receives His "Marching Orders" - Signed by S. Cooper for the Secretary of War

War Date Letter on the Stationery of Larrabee & North, Dealers in Military Goods, No. 174 Lake Street, Chicago – Display Shows Hats, Swords, Saddles and Insignia – THE LETTER CONCERNS THE PRICES OF MILITARY BUTTONS

ALS – Confederate General Henry A. Wise, Charleston, S.C. September 20th, 1863 – Gen. Wise Stays at the Mill’s House Hotel and Meets with Gen. Beauregard!

War Date Letter from South Carolina General Wilmot Gibbes De Saussure - Written on Official State of South Carolina Executive Office Stationery - Docketed on the back by Governor Pickens