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My Dealer/Collector Friends,

After leaving the Marietta Civil War Show on Sunday, August 13th, 2017 while parked in a parking lot off of Cobb Parkway, my car was broken into.  Here is a list of the items stolen:  FOR LIST CLICK HERE.   Any assistance you can give in keeping an eye out for these items, I sure would appreciate it and please pass this along to your friends.

God bless and thank you,

Cal Packard


  Postally Used Confederate Patriotic Cover – Cannon & 11 Star Flag – Bonitz, N.C.

Confederate Secessionist (Baltimore Issued) “Don’t Tread on Me” & “We Know Our Rights” Patriotic Card

Petersburg Battle Letter - 6th N.Y. Heavy Artillery - Great Paragraph on Exchanging with the Johnnies!

Gettysburg Battle Letter from the Famed Confederate 1st Maryland Infantry Battalion – Culp’s Hill, 47% Casualties

Nice Example of "The Daily Citizen" Vicksburg, Mississippi - Wallpaper Edition

Rare War Date Document Signed Twice by Confederate Guerrilla Leader Harry Gilmor

Wonderful Piece of Revolutionary War History: A Bounty Note from the State of Massachusetts Bay, January 1, 1780

Killed at Gettysburg July 1st, 1863 – Captain Stephen C. Whitehouse, Co. K 16th Maine Infantry Endorses the Front Cover of an Envelope - YOU MUST READ HIS THRILLING STORY! 

3 WWII Relics Brought Home by an Ashland, Ohio GI

Soldier’s Letter – Headquarters 76th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Hilton Head, S.C., October 2, 1862 – Endorsed by Col. N. W. Brown, Commanding the Post at Hilton Head & by Major General Ormsby M. Mitchel (Signed 28 days before he died!)

2nd U.S. Cav. - M.O.H. Recipient Capt. Theophilus Francis Rodenbough Writes of his Capture at Centerville - “The bullets flew around our heads thick as hail”! - New Price! 

Pristine CDV of Col. Abel D. Streight – Led His 51st Indiana Infantry, Mounted on Mules into Battle & was Captured by Forrest – Sent to Libby Prison where He Escaped!

Leech & Rigdon Field & Staff Officer’s Sword with Floating “CS” – Pictured in Collecting the Confederacy

Virginia Officer’s Belt & Two-Piece Plate Beautiful Uncleaned Patina

Letter from Surgeon at Ohio Penitentiary Describes in Detail the Escape of John Hunt Morgan!

Postally Used Confederate Patriotic Cover - Showing Cannon Firing with 11 Star Confederate Flag - Printed by W. & J. Bonitz, Goldsboro, N.C. with "BURNSVILLE, N.C." Postmark

An Amazing Excavated Pair of Abraham Lincoln Campaign Tokens – One from the 1860 Campaign Excavated at Manassas & the other 1864 Campaign Excavated near Cedar Creek

An Amazing Document from Charleston, South Carolina’s Slave History – Slave Dealer John S. Ryan Sells An Old Negro Named “Plenty” for $10

Sheet Music – “Stonewall Jackson’s Way” – Pictured on the front a large engraving of Stonewall Jackson with Confederate Flags – Published by A. E. Blackmar, New Orleans 1865

Confederate Pass – Macon, Ga. January 13th, 1865 – Lt. Clarence C. Malone, 10th Tennessee Infantry – By Command of Brig. Gen. W. W. MacKall

Chasing Morgan’s Raiders – Actual Order from Col. Thomas Pattison from Aurora, Indiana Dated July 13th, 1863 – Writing to Gen. Mahlon D. Manson Giving Him the Location of Morgan’s Raiders!

Oath of Allegiance from Campbellton, Ga.

12th Ga. Confederate Officers Pay Voucher – Captain Mark Harden from Blandford, Ga. – Went on to Serve in 2nd Confederate Congress & a Justice in the Supreme Court of Georgia

Charleston, S.C. Advertising Broadside: Terpsichore Hall – Madame Feugas’ Dancing & Waltzing Academy – Lists Rules for Gentleman!

Palmetto Guard P. P. Gaillard Seeks Permission to Join the Palmetto Guard in Kershaw's Regiment in Virginia

Appointment of Chief Surgeon in Confederate General Cheathams Division, Army of Tennessee – On Beautiful “Head Quarters, Army of Tennessee” stationery

Excavated Confederate Local Staff Button – Large Eagle with “CS” in the Shield – Beautiful Example

Excavated Confederate I Button with “C” on One Side & “S” on the Other… A Rare, Rare Button

Excavated Confederate Local Staff Button – Albert’s CS26B – With 40% Gold & Perfect Loop

War Date Pass from the Confederate War Department – Richmond October 8th, 1861 – A Solider in the 15th Georgia Infantry is Sent Home – Signed by FAMOUS REBEL WAR CLERK J. B. JONES

Our Collection of 8 Silver Spoons Showing the Different Silversmiths in Charleston, S.C. – Each Stamped with the Silversmiths Name

Folk Art Carved Pipe Done In Libby Prison By George W. Heath, 7th Pennsylvania Reserves — Captured at Gaines' Mill, Va.

Discharge from the Famous 1st Maine Cavalry – Signed by Medal of Honor Recipient Col. Charles H. Smith 

1st Mass. Vols. – Edwin Y. Brown Describes Head being Blown off at Bull Run

Signed on the Front CDV of Union General Samuel W. Crawford – At Gettysburg Crawford Seized the Colors & Drove the Confederates out of “the Valley of Death” Beside Little Round Top


Great Example of Ohio’s “Squirrel Hunters Discharge” with the Seldom Seen Letter from Governor Tod that came with it