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8 Wonderful "Relics" from the Soldiers Album of Edward O. Paull, Co. F, 1st Mass. Infantry

44th Alabama Letter Describing the Great Snowball Fight at Fredericksburg, Va. between Hood's Texas Brigade & Georgia/Alabama Troops — Written by David L. Bozeman who would later die of wounds at Spotsylvania Court House 

Confederate Virginia Cavalry Colonel Oliver Ridgeway Funsten Letter at Manassas Junction April 17th, 1861

A Wonderful 8-Page Description of the Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. by Henry C. Thayer Co. I, 2nd Rhode Island Infantry

War Date Document, "Stevensburg, Virginia Dec. 10th, 1863" Signed by Major William Wells, Commanding the 1st Vermont Cavalry - MEDAL OF HONOR GETTYSBURG

Union Sailor Henry F. Dunnels Writes from the U.S. Frigate Minnesota "Off Hampton Roads", Va. - The Minnesota would later suffer destruction from the CSS Virginia during the Battle of Hampton Roads

Soldier's Letter: Head Quarters 15th Alabama Regiment Near Centreville, Sept. 11th, 1861, with Fine Cover - Lt. Lock Weems Writes Home to His Wife - He would be killed 9 months later

106th New York Infantry - Musician Loren H. Wilson Writes from Baltimore, MD. on July 12th, 1864 & Describes THE BATTLE OF MONOCACY, MD.


Great Document for the 95th Pennsylvania, Gosline Zouaves Collector – Actually Signed by Gosline!

Printed Pass "Head Quarters Vermont Brigade" - After the Union Took Over THE LAST CAPITAL OF THE CONFEDERACY: DANVILLE, VA.

Letter Written by Charleston S.C. Resident Louisa A. Drayton Just Days Before the Evacuation & Surrender of the City!

Discharge Signed by Col. Edward E. Cross, 5th New Hampshire Vols. - KILLED AT GETTYSBURG

Recruiting Circular for the Famous "People's Ellsworth Regiment" Along with the Patriotic "Remember Ellsworth" Envelope it was mailed in!

Letter - SOUTH CAROLINA ON THE EVE OF SECESSION - Edgefield District, S.C. Nov. 22, 1860 - Written to Future CS General Martin W. Gary

15th Illinois Infantry Soldiers Letter with Scarce Cover - Bolivar, TN. October 1st, 1862 - "We are fighting for the poor slaves." - Captured 25 Guerillas - Rebel Gun Boats Beauregard & Bragg - Darkies Picking Cotton - Rebels Under Price & VanDorn Attacked - 7th Kentucky Deserters Came In

Important War Date ALS of Union General George H. Gordon Regarding THE SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THE FIGHT FOR CHARLESTON'S FORT SUMTER AND THE USE OF COLORED TROOPS! - Folly Island, S.C. May 26th, 1864

Confederate Cover Autographed by Future CS General William C. Wickham - He Signs as "Lt. Col. 4th Va. Cavalry" - Served with J. E. B. Stuart in Raid on Calett's Station & Maryland Invasion

Gettysburg Campaign - Graphic Description of the Rebel Invasion of Mechanicsburg, Pa. - Written by a Terrorized Civilian Lady

I.D. Pin from the Famous 40th New York "Mozart Regiment"

Inexpensive CDV of Union General David B. Birney Wearing his Kearney Medal of Honor - Birney Commanded the 3rd Corps at Gettysburg at Sickles was Wounded

3rd New York Infantry Letter Written on Beautiful Patriotic "Spirit of Seventy-Six" Stationary - Great for a Display

A Total of 8 Union Letters/Documents Concerning the Search for Confederate Gold - Includes Letter from Union General Thomas Jordan at Lexington, N.C. & 6 from Captain Asbury P. Gatch of the 9th Ohio Cavalry

Confederate General William Carter Wickham Fairfax Court House - June 24th, 1861

5th Michigan Cavalry - Beautiful Commission for William R. Noble - Fought throughout the War with Custer's Wolverines

Confederate Postal History - Centreville, Va. Due 5 Manuscript with Beautiful I.D.: Capt. R. B. Isbell, 30th Va. Cavalry - He Carried Stonewall Jackson's Battle Flag

Confederate Postal History - Small Green Cover with Two CSA-6 Davis Stamps & Beautiful Blue Greensborough, N.C. Postmark

Confederate Postal History - Fine Example of a CSA 4 Davis with Greenville, S.C. Postmark

4th Maine Light Artillery - Andrew F. Beal Sends Home a Souvenir from the Battle of Antietam - A Rebel Colonel's Undershirt Button!

  The Most Colorful Union Patriotic Sheet Music that We Have Ever Seen!

One of the Most Famous Passes from the Army of the Potomac "Head Quarters Military Department of Washington, July 15th, 1861"... With an Enormous Ink Signature of DRAKE DE KAY, Aide de Camp to General Mansfield

Confederate Document & CDV: The Blakely Gun Battery in Charleston, a Rare Pair!

Vicksburg, Mississippi Parole for Thomas L. Tunnell, 43rd Mississippi Infantry

The Rare Confederate States of America VICKSBURG PAROLE

49th New York Infantry - Two Letters from Medal of Honor Recipient John P. McVean

Postal History: "U. S. Grant" Signed as President on Executive Envelope - Rare as Presidential Franking Privileges were Abolished 6 Months Later!

116th Pa. "Irish Brigade" Letter - William A. Smith Writes from Winter Quarters in December 1863

211th Pa. Inf. - The Most Amazing Letter that We Have Ever Read Regarding Union & Confederate Soldiers Trading Items - Writer James O. Parmlee is given a Confederate Circular Inviting Foreigners "Entrapped" in the Union Army to be aided by the Confederacy!

Silver I.D. Pin: Sergt. Lyman Wolcott 108th N.Y. Infantry - Enlisted on August 6th, 1862 & just a month later his regiment suffered 150 causalities at the Battle of Antietam. Lyman would go on to survive heavy loss at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville & Gettysburg before being wounded at Bristoe Station

Program for Ellsworth Zouave Corps Exhibition Drill, along with Baxter's Regimental Band, September 12th, 1861

13th Alabama Surgeon Henry M. Clarkson Writes from Gettysburg, Pa. on July 4th, 1863 - He Cared for Wounded Confederate Soldiers in the Mc Pherson Barn!

"Flag Ship New Ironsides, Charleston Harbor, S.C., April 8th, 1863" - Letter Signed by Rear Admiral S. F. Du Pont + CDV of Him + THE FINEST CDV WE HAVE SEEN OF THE SHIP NEW IRONSIDES! - The Most Powerful Ship in the U.S. Navy!

The A.D.C. of General Beauregard, Joseph J. Legare, Writes the General from Charleston, S.C. on June 19th, 1861 - Beauregard is up at Manassas & Legare Sends some FASCINATING Information to him!

A Ticket to Moody & Sankey's Famous Revival in 1876

185th New York Volunteers - The Christian Soldier's League I.D. Disc/Medal - THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE SEEN

2nd Mass. Inf. - Adjt. John A. Fox Writes a Description of the Regimental Colors & Color Staffs - Includes Antietam & Gettysburg Presentations!

Pair of Anthony Stereoviews of the "Ruins of Central Hall, Charleston, S.C., Effects of the Great Fire in 1862" & the Ruins of the Circular Church & Secession Hall with Saint Michael's Church in the Background - Brady Negative

Rare 1863 Masonic Badge from the 43rd "Tiger" Regt. Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry - Newbern, N.C

ALS - Union General Samuel K. Zook - KILLED AT GETTYSBURG

Large Autograph of Edward D. Tracy, Lt. Col. 19th Alabama on Beautiful Mobile, AL. Dec. 10th, 1861 Cover - Tracy became Brig. Genl. only to be killed in May of 1863


1st Virginia Cavalry - William W. Blackford - Graphic Manassas Battle Letter

18th S.C. Infantry Letter from Sullivan's Island with Envelope and Nice 5 Cent CSA 1 Green Jeff Davis Stamp & Perfect Charleston Cancellation

Savannah, Georgia Views On Secession - November 27th, 1860

16 Page Account of Travel to Port Royal (Hilton Head) & Going on to Witness the Re-raising of the American Flag at Fort Sumter - Includes a Visit to Mitchelville (Town for Escaped Slaves) - Truly Amazing Account Written by Lt. Col. John B. Conyngham

Postal History - Cover Franked by Thomas O. Allen 6th Mass. Regiment - Fired on in Baltimore, April 1861

Letter from the "Flagship Philadelphia" Charleston Harbor, July 22nd, 1864 - Daniel Spangler Describes the Hand to Hand Combat of the Black Troops ( 54th Mass.) in their Famous Assault on Fort Wagner (As Shown in the Movie Glory)

Just Prior to the Confederates Firing on Fort Sumter, Confederate Lt. Colonel (Later General) R. S. Ripley Supplies Fort Moultrie with Powder and Fuse

Rarest of all Civil War Paroles - From the Last Capital of the Confederacy, Danville, Virginia April 29th, 1865

ALS Brig. Genl. Trumen Seymour - Writes on Imprinted Stationary from Hilton Head, S.C.

One of a Kind! - A Draft Dodger Writes to Friends in Akron, Ohio from Canada - With Scarce Cover Having 1859 10 Cent Brown Stamp (17b; SG36)

16th Maine Infantry - Wonderful Fredericksburg 6 PAGE Battle Letter WITH MAP - Lt. W. H. Broughton

34th Ohio Battle Letter by Franklin L. Allen - Writing from Fort Toland, West Virginia, with Cover

Fine Pair of Civil War Infantry Colonel's Shoulder Straps

44th New York - Signed CDV & Graphic FREDERICKSBURG Battle Letter

52nd Penn. Inf. - Letter Written from Morris Island, S.C. by the Man who Planted the First Flag on the Parapet at Fort Sumter - Captain (later Col. & Brvt. Brig-Gen.) John A. Hennessey

10th Virginia Infantry Letter - G. B. Samuels Gives Young Lady "A Yankee Skull"

Pair of Civil War Cavalry Captain's Shoulder Straps

3 Excavated Silver Spoons from Charleston, South Carolina: P. Mood, P. B. & C, & O. Pierce - All from the 1820's and 1830's

4th Alabama Confederate Letter by Lt. John L. Kunzie, Gordonsville, Va. May 1st, 1864 - "Reviewed by Uncle Bob Lee"

The Rare Confederate States of America VICKSBURG PAROLE

Confederate Arsenal, Charleston, Oct. 24th, 1862 - The Commander of the Arsenal, Major F. Childs Writes to General Thomas Jordan Regarding the "Harbor Obstructions" in Charleston Harbor

A Wonderful Souvenir from "Old Ironsides", The U.S. Frigate Constitution

ALS - 7th Maine Infantry - One Hero Commends a Fallen Comrade - Lt. Col. Thomas W. Hyde (MOH, Antietam) Communicates the details of the death of Lt. Henry Warren at the Battle of Spotsylvania C.H. - "He was blown all to pieces by a ten pound shell"

CS Document - Special Order Given by Col. Alfred Rhett, Sullivan's Island July 17th, 1864

J.E.B. Stuart's Cavalry - Special Order to "Procure" Horses in place of those killed IN THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG - Signed by H. B. McClellan & W. H. Taylor

One of the Rarest Examples of Civil War I.D. Disc's or "Dog Tags" - The Paper Tag Issued by the U.S. Christian Commission - Samuel B. Stiffler, Co. B 13th Indiana

Rarest of all Civil War Paroles - From the Last Capital of the Confederacy, Danville, Virginia April 29th, 1865

Wonderful 11th Wisconsin Grouping of Colonel Charles L. Harris

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