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My Dealer/Collector Friends,

After leaving the Marietta Civil War Show on Sunday, August 13th, 2017 while parked in a parking lot off of Cobb Parkway, my car was broken into.  Here is a list of the items stolen:  FOR LIST CLICK HERE.   Any assistance you can give in keeping an eye out for these items, I sure would appreciate it and please pass this along to your friends.

God bless and thank you,

Cal Packard

“Hit” Excavated Eagle Breastplate – This Soldier did not make it, as the bullet when through his body and then through the top left portion of the plate – From one of the oldest & finest collections in America, it has a Gettysburg association

An Amazing Pair of Triple Border Civil War Infantry Colonel’s Straps Plus His Sword Knott

Stonewall’s Man, Sandie Pendleton Writes Home to his Mother During the Valley Campaign, April 1862 – Includes Excellent Postally Used

Important Union Broadside – “Head Quarters Army of Kentucky, Louisville Sept. 22, 1862” – “The Rebel hordes… are advancing to attack this city.”

Scarce CDV of Confederate General Francis S. Bartow, “The Hero of Manassas” – Quinby Backmark

Morning Report from Johnson’s Island POW Prison in Lake Erie – December 27th, 1864

CDV Captain Horace G. White 94th New York Infantry Wounded & Taken Prisoner July 1st, 1863 at Gettysburg, then sent to Libby Prison – Signed in Ink

Stunning Army of Northern Virginia “Reception and Banquet” Program – Louisiana Division, New Orleans, February 1891 – I.D. to E. St. Martin of the 8th Louisiana Regiment – (Check out the menu and the beautiful Confederate flag)

3 Items from the Confederate Veterans’ Reunion in Charleston, S.C., May 1899

Writing From Embattled Winchester, Va. Dec. 29th, 1862, Joseph W. Brownlee Co. C 22nd PA. Cav. writes home on the leaf of an old blank book made in 1786!

56th New York Infantry Letter by William H. Laurence Written on Beautiful Patriotic Stationery – “We have two balloons here and they have been up most day. They can see all over Richmond, and they can see the Rebels and see what they are doing.” – “The field was almost covered with dead Rebels and wounded ones the next day after the fight. There was big holes dug and then our men would drag them by the heals and throw them in.”



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