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My Dealer/Collector Friends,

After leaving the Marietta Civil War Show on Sunday, August 13th, 2017 while parked in a parking lot off of Cobb Parkway, my car was broken into.  Here is a list of the items stolen:  FOR LIST CLICK HERE.   Any assistance you can give in keeping an eye out for these items, I sure would appreciate it and please pass this along to your friends.

God bless and thank you,

Cal Packard

Our Collection of 8 Silver Spoons Showing the Different Silversmiths in Charleston, S.C. – Each Stamped with the Silversmiths Name

Folk Art Carved Pipe Done In Libby Prison By George W. Heath, 7th Pennsylvania Reserves — Captured at Gaines' Mill, Va.

Discharge from the Famous 1st Maine Cavalry – Signed by Medal of Honor Recipient Col. Charles H. Smith 

An Amazing Pair of Smith’s Patent Shoulder Straps – Colonel of Infantry!

An Interesting Note Written by the First Cousin of Nurse Clara Barton -Edmund “Ned” Barton -He writes on a “Captured” Confederate Form

Important 8 Page Letter Written from Fancy Hill Plantation - Sallie C. Conrad Describes Atrocities Committed by Yankees Including “Savage looking Negroes, most of them rode white horses” – Sallie Had Two of Her Boys Taken From Her!

Nice Example of a “Nebraska Territory” 3 Dollar Note – The City of Omaha

Wonderful Excavated Example of the CSA Rectangular Belt Plate – The Patina Is To Die For – An Inexpensive Example for the Collector Who Wants Eye Appeal & Zero Possibility of it Being a Reproduction

Postally Used Confederate Patriotic Cover – Showing Cannon Firing with 11 Star Confederate Flag – Printed by W. & J. Bonitz, Goldsboro, N.C. with “BURNSVILLE, N.C.” Postmark 

1st Mass. Vols. – Edwin Y. Brown Describes Head being Blown off at Bull Run

Signed on the Front CDV of Union General Samuel W. Crawford – At Gettysburg Crawford Seized the Colors & Drove the Confederates out of “the Valley of Death” Beside Little Round Top


Great Example of Ohio’s “Squirrel Hunters Discharge” with the Seldom Seen Letter from Governor Tod that came with it