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Written from the U.S.S. John Adams Off of Morris Island, S.C. October 20th, 1864 – By Captain J. F. Green – ENEMY REPORT + BLOCKADE RUNNER SPOTTED

Early Cabinet Card of Libby Prison – Perfect for Display

Confederate Soldiers Letter with Nice Postally Used Stamped Cover – B. E. Scarborough, 31st North Carolina Infantry – “You must not let the Yankees get you if they do make a raid in N.C. for I don’t want villains to get any of the ladies of my acquaintances”

Written from the 1st Capitol of the Confederacy - Montgomery, AL. April 24th, 1861 - Confederate Cavalry Colonel E. K. Smith Receives His "Marching Orders" - Signed by S. Cooper for the Secretary of War

War Date Letter on the Stationery of Larrabee & North, Dealers in Military Goods, No. 174 Lake Street, Chicago – Display Shows Hats, Swords, Saddles and Insignia – THE LETTER CONCERNS THE PRICES OF MILITARY BUTTONS

Letter from the 8th Texas Cavalry, Better Known as THE TEXAS RANGERS! – Camp near Atlanta, July 28th, 1864

Confederate Pass – “Head Quarters Georgia Militia, Atlanta, June 5, 1864” – 11th Battalion Georgia Light Artillery

“Office of Gatling Gun Company, Hartford, Conn.” – Great Imprinted Stationery Showing Gatling Gun + for Display with it a Commemorative Gatling Gun Medal

Great Slavery Related Photograph – Stereoview “A Plantation Scene, in South Carolina” – 1860 – Published by G. N. Barnard, No. 263 King Street, Charleston, S.C.

Confederate Relic - “Picked up on the Field after the Battle of Bull Run by Ellen Collins” - She was a prominent member of the United States Sanitary Commission!

ALS – Confederate General Henry A. Wise, Charleston, S.C. September 20th, 1863 – Gen. Wise Stays at the Mill’s House Hotel and Meets with Gen. Beauregard!

War Date Letter from South Carolina General Wilmot Gibbes De Saussure - Written on Official State of South Carolina Executive Office Stationery - Docketed on the back by Governor Pickens

Confederate Battle of Williamsburg Letter Written by Captain William Washington Gordon – His Daughter Founded the Girl Scouts of the USA – His House is a National Historic Landmark in Savannah, Georgia & Open to the Public for Tours!

CDV of Gettysburg Lt. Col. John P. Spofford – Captured at Gettysburg, Sent to Libby Prison… and Escaped! – One of Several Prisoners Held Hostage in the Line of Fire by the Confederates in Charleston, S.C.

CDV Lt. Edwin A. Tuthill, Co. A 104th New York Infantry – Captured at Gettysburg

Two Stereoview Cards of the Famous Mill’s House Hotel in Charleston, S.C. – The First Before the Severe Union Shelling & the Second, How it Looked after the Bombardment!

Scarce CDV of Lt. Col. James M. Sanderson Who Wrote the Book “My Record in Rebellion” (About Libby Prison) – He was Commissary of Subsistence, 1st Army Corps

Early War Document from the 1st Capitol of the Confederacy – The Post Office Department Appoints a Post-Master in Spartanburg, S.C.

Photograph, Ink Drawing & Lincoln Souvenir from the Scrapbook of Lt. Thomas J. Stone, Color Bearer, 13th Ohio Infantry

143rd New York Vol. – Battle of Peach Creek, Georgia, July 21st, 1864

CDV of Confederate Spy Belle Boyd

48th Ohio Infantry Letter – Near Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee, March 23rd, 1862 – “I visited the ground where the Secesh buried their dead… I saw the faces of two & one breast looked very bad… shot in the breast & above the eye… the stench was very bad.”

15th Ohio Infantry – “Camped on Peach Tree River, Ga. July 20th, 1864 – Great Content

43rd New York Infantry – “Flint Hill (1 ½ mile from Fairfax Court House) March 12th, 1862 – Nice Content about Major in 5th Wisconsin Capturing a 7 Star Confederate Flag!

  Postally Used Confederate Patriotic Cover – Cannon & 11 Star Flag – Bonitz, N.C.

Confederate Secessionist (Baltimore Issued) “Don’t Tread on Me” & “We Know Our Rights” Patriotic Card

Petersburg Battle Letter - 6th N.Y. Heavy Artillery - Great Paragraph on Exchanging with the Johnnies!

Gettysburg Battle Letter from the Famed Confederate 1st Maryland Infantry Battalion – Culp’s Hill, 47% Casualties

Nice Example of "The Daily Citizen" Vicksburg, Mississippi - Wallpaper Edition

Wonderful Piece of Revolutionary War History: A Bounty Note from the State of Massachusetts Bay, January 1, 1780

Killed at Gettysburg July 1st, 1863 – Captain Stephen C. Whitehouse, Co. K 16th Maine Infantry Endorses the Front Cover of an Envelope - YOU MUST READ HIS THRILLING STORY! 

3 WWII Relics Brought Home by an Ashland, Ohio GI

Soldier’s Letter – Headquarters 76th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Hilton Head, S.C., October 2, 1862 – Endorsed by Col. N. W. Brown, Commanding the Post at Hilton Head & by Major General Ormsby M. Mitchel (Signed 28 days before he died!)

2nd U.S. Cav. - M.O.H. Recipient Capt. Theophilus Francis Rodenbough Writes of his Capture at Centerville - “The bullets flew around our heads thick as hail”! - New Price! 

Pristine CDV of Col. Abel D. Streight – Led His 51st Indiana Infantry, Mounted on Mules into Battle & was Captured by Forrest – Sent to Libby Prison where He Escaped!

Leech & Rigdon Field & Staff Officer’s Sword with Floating “CS” – Pictured in Collecting the Confederacy

Virginia Officer’s Belt & Two-Piece Plate Beautiful Uncleaned Patina

Letter from Surgeon at Ohio Penitentiary Describes in Detail the Escape of John Hunt Morgan!

Postally Used Confederate Patriotic Cover - Showing Cannon Firing with 11 Star Confederate Flag - Printed by W. & J. Bonitz, Goldsboro, N.C. with "BURNSVILLE, N.C." Postmark

Confederate Pass – Macon, Ga. January 13th, 1865 – Lt. Clarence C. Malone, 10th Tennessee Infantry – By Command of Brig. Gen. W. W. MacKall

Chasing Morgan’s Raiders – Actual Order from Col. Thomas Pattison from Aurora, Indiana Dated July 13th, 1863 – Writing to Gen. Mahlon D. Manson Giving Him the Location of Morgan’s Raiders!

Oath of Allegiance from Campbellton, Ga.

12th Ga. Confederate Officers Pay Voucher – Captain Mark Harden from Blandford, Ga. – Went on to Serve in 2nd Confederate Congress & a Justice in the Supreme Court of Georgia

Charleston, S.C. Advertising Broadside: Terpsichore Hall – Madame Feugas’ Dancing & Waltzing Academy – Lists Rules for Gentleman!

Palmetto Guard P. P. Gaillard Seeks Permission to Join the Palmetto Guard in Kershaw's Regiment in Virginia

Appointment of Chief Surgeon in Confederate General Cheathams Division, Army of Tennessee – On Beautiful “Head Quarters, Army of Tennessee” stationery

Excavated Confederate Local Staff Button – Large Eagle with “CS” in the Shield – Beautiful Example

Excavated Confederate I Button with “C” on One Side & “S” on the Other… A Rare, Rare Button

Excavated Confederate Local Staff Button – Albert’s CS26B – With 40% Gold & Perfect Loop

Our Collection of 8 Silver Spoons Showing the Different Silversmiths in Charleston, S.C. – Each Stamped with the Silversmiths Name