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My Dealer/Collector Friends,

After leaving the Marietta Civil War Show on Sunday, August 13th, while parked in a parking lot off of Cobb Parkway, my car was broken into.  Here is a list of the items stolen:  FOR LIST CLICK HERE.   Any assistance you can give in keeping an eye out for these items, I sure would appreciate it and please pass this along to your friends.

God bless and thank you,

Cal Packard

A Chance to Own the Most Beautiful I.D. Pin/Corps Badge from the Famous 5th New York Duryee Zouaves – David P. Davis with 6 Battles Listed!

Wood POW Carvings from Andersonville Prison – Has Original Tag & From the Famous Flayderman Collection

Whaling Memorabilia: J. & W. R. Wing Co., New Bedford, Mass. + Sail Maker's Needles + 1853 Issue of Whaling Newspaper: “Whalemen’s Shipping List”

7th Michigan Cavalry - One of Custer's Wolverines - Awarded for Gallantry at Gettysburg - Wounded, Captured & Escaped! - Capt G. Birney

Rare Blockade Runner Bond from the Importing and Exporting Company of Georgia - Date June 12th, 1863 & Signed by G. B. Lamar President of the Company
6th Michigan Cavalry – Graphic Account of Their Work at Gettysburg – Letter written by William G. Whitworth Who Would Later Die as a P.O.W. in Andersonville Prison

Buffalo Soldiers (Black) Come to the Rescue! - Letter from Famed Indian Fighter General George Crook Praising Captain Francis S. Dodge for his Gallant Charge Against the Ute Indians at the Battle of Milk Creek, October 1879 – FOR HIS BRAVERY DODGE RECEIVED THE MEDAL OF HONOR!

Letter Written by Col. Henry C. Merwin, just Weeks Before He was Killed, with More than Half of his 27th Conn. Reg., in the Civil War Battle at Gettysburg, Pa

18th Mass. Infantry Letter – Edmund F. Churchill Gives an Account of the Battle of Bristoe Station, Writing from Centreville, Va. October 17th, 1863

18th Mass Infantry – Color Bearer Edmund F. Churchill Writes from Kelly’s Ford, Nov. 9th, 1863 Describing the Second Battle of Rappahannock Station or Beverly Ford

14th New Jersey Silver I.D. Pin Excavated in Frederick, Maryland - Edwin L. Havens Co C.

10th Mass. Vol. I.D. Disc - Washington Style - Frederick Arbuckle Co. D - Wounded at Malvern Hill

1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery Silver I.D. Pin with Crossed Cannons

 STOLEN 8/13/17 - Confederate Letter by Colonel Edward Manigault, in Charge of Ordnance  in Charleston, S.C. - Enfield Rifles through the Blockade going to the Citadel

 STOLEN 8/13/17Confederate Letter - 35th Battn. White's Virginia Cavalry - The "Comanches"

Confederate General William L. "Mudwall" Jackson - Two Nice War Date Letters that He Writes Home to His Wife - The first "Hd. Qrs. near Shepherdstown, July 27th, 1864" and the second "Mt. Crawford en-route down the Valley, June 29th, 1864"

 STOLEN 8/13/17 Inscribed Silver Corps Badge & Ambrotype of Capt. William H. Seamans - 3rd Mass. Cavalry

 STOLEN 8/13/17 - Confederate Soldier’s Letter – Daniel K. Campbell – Writing on Confederate Patriotic Stationery “Camp Mangum, Raleigh, N.C.”

Rare Style 8th Corps Silver I.D. Pin – Lt. John Thayer Co. H 8th Mass

47th New York Infantry – Hilton Head, S.C. January 19th, 1863 – Charles Ryant would soon fight at Olustee, Fl. & survive, only to be killed at Cold Harbor 4 months later

STOLEN 8/13/17 - Set of Civil War Original “Union Cards” – Playing Cards with National Emblems, Uniforms, etc.

Silver I.D. Pin - 1st Lt. William Stone, Co. E 11th Rhode Island Volunteers

1st New Jersey Soldier’s Letter on Scarce Patriotic Stationery – Early Action Around Alexandria, Va. – Writer would be killed 9 months later at Gaines’ Mill

15th Mass. Soldier’s Letter – Ball’s Bluff Battle – “I threw my cartridge box and belt into the Potomac and took my gun and started across. When I got about half way across, I went down and like to have gone down the second time when I dropped my gun.” “The men was shot all around.” “I saw Col. Baker when he was shot and helped carry him off the field. He was shot by 5 bullets.”

16th Mass. I.D. Disc John H. Clemmons - Washington Style with Scarce Large Lettering

Silver I.D. Pin – Ohio Soldier Leander E. Parsons – Style of Pin with Eagle at Top as seen in the Harper’s Weekly Classified Ads

 STOLEN 8/13/17 Future Confederate Naval Officer John McIntosh Kell Writes from the U.S. Frigate Savannah off Mazatlan, Mexico April 21st, 1846 – GREAT POSTALLY USED FOLDED LETTER WHICH SAILED ON THE U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (OLD IRONSIDES) BACK TO BOSTON BEFORE GOING TO HIS WIFE IN DARIEN, GA., HAS SHIP 12 & BOSTON CANCELLATION

Confederate POW William H. Brown, Co. F, 1st Kentucky Cavalry – One of John Hunt Morgan’s Boys, Wounded & Captured at Morrison’s Depot - Writes from CAMP MORTON, INDIANA – INCLUDES INSPECTED POW COVER

Letter - 9th Georgia Infantry – William T. Conn Writes from “Camp near Centreville, Va. Dec. 20th, 1861 – Talks about J. E. B. Stuart & Sees the Results of the Battle of Drainsville - “Trees… were literally torn to pieces by the shot and shell” – Also Mentions Collecting Funds for those Suffering in Charleston, S.C. after their Great Fire!

STOLEN 8/13/17 - War-Dated Letter & Signed Cover by Congressman John Sherman – Mansfield, Ohio November 7th, 1862

Confederate Letter – “Headquarters 2nd Reg. Va. Vols., July 11th, 1861” – Surgeon Joseph B. Amiss

CDV – Col. Thornton Fleming Brodhead – 1st Michigan Cavalry – Died of Wounds Received at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run

 STOLEN 8/13/17Nice Virginia Militia Commission - The Petersburg City Guard - Signed by Governor John Letcher - Charles E. Waddell would eventually become Captain in the Famous 12th Virginia

CDV Signed on the Front of Colonel George Henry Pierson of the 5th Massachusetts Infantry


 STOLEN 8/13/17Postal History & An Historic American Educator – ALS of William H. McGuffey, Author of the Famous McGuffey Readers on beautiful folded Confederate Cover with Sep. 27 (1863) University of Virginia Postmark & CSA-11 Jeff Davis Stamp

Soldiers Letter – 1st Reg. Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, Co A Brandywine Rifles, Gen. McCall’s Division – “Camp Pierpont, Dec. 1st, 1861” – Our Cavalry “Took Dr. Day out of bed and brought him along. He is one of the rankest secesh in Virginia.” The Rebels “Shot poison balls at our men… any person that puts poison in their balls ought to be killed.” – A RARE MENTION OF THIS OUTLAWED PRACTICE

 STOLEN 8/13/17 A Sailor on the USS Kearsarge writes home a description of their battle with the CSS Alabama - Written from England July 1864!

44th Alabama Letter Describing the Great Snowball Fight at Fredericksburg, Va. between Hood's Texas Brigade & Georgia/Alabama Troops — Written by David L. Bozeman who would later die of wounds at Spotsylvania Court House 

A Wonderful 8-Page Description of the Battle of Fredericksburg, Va. by Henry C. Thayer Co. I, 2nd Rhode Island Infantry

War Date Document, "Stevensburg, Virginia Dec. 10th, 1863" Signed by Major William Wells, Commanding the 1st Vermont Cavalry - MEDAL OF HONOR GETTYSBURG

Union Sailor Henry F. Dunnels Writes from the U.S. Frigate Minnesota "Off Hampton Roads", Va. - The Minnesota would later suffer destruction from the CSS Virginia during the Battle of Hampton Roads

Soldier's Letter: Head Quarters 15th Alabama Regiment Near Centreville, Sept. 11th, 1861, with Fine Cover - Lt. Lock Weems Writes Home to His Wife - He would be killed 9 months later

The Carved Andersonville Prison Cane of J. T. Brown, a Private in Company C of the 70th New York Infantry (1st Regt. Sickles' Excelsior Brigade)

11th Pa. Reserve Infantry Excavated I.D. Disc - Perhaps the Most Historic Dog Tag We Have Ever Offered - James A. Hayden of Company F was Captured in the Wilderness, Sent to Charleston & became one of the "Immortal 50".. Placed in the line of Federal Fire

An Amazing 2nd Corps (Irish Brigade) St. Patrick’s Broadside and Lettter 

War Date ALS from Major James B. White Superintendent of the Citadel in Charleston, S.C.

Great Document for the 95th Pennsylvania, Gosline Zouaves Collector – Actually Signed by Gosline!


Printed Pass "Head Quarters Vermont Brigade" - After the Union Took Over THE LAST CAPITAL OF THE CONFEDERACY: DANVILLE, VA

83rd Ohio Infantry - 18-Year Old Charles Smith Writes an Exciting Letter "On bank of 'North Branch Bayou Pierre' About 10 miles easterly from Port Gibson Miss May 5th, 1863" - "...A shell striking the gunboat, passed clean through both sides and then killed six horses."

Letter Written by Charleston S.C. Resident Louisa A. Drayton Just Days Before the Evacuation & Surrender of the City!

Letter from the U.S.S. Frigate Minnesota, Hampton Roads, Virginia Discussing the Attack of the "Infernal Machine"... THE FIRST CONFEDERATE SUBMARINE!

Important Confederate Letter Written on "War Department, Montgomery" Stationary - April 22nd, 1861 by Henry Stokes Figures

  5th New Hampshire Infantry - 1st Lt. Daniel K. Cross Writes Home, Sending a Detailed, Large Hand-Drawn Chancellorsville Battle Map - The 5th New Hampshire had the Greatest Casualty Loss in the Union

One of the "Colorful" Units of Charleston, S.C. - The Captain of the GERMAN LIGHT ARTILLERY, William K. Bachman Writes a Receipt on Receiving a Box of Accoutrement

Letter from the Governor of South Carolina, F. W. Pickens to the Director of the Columbia, S.C. Arsenal asking him for numbers of arms & equipment that can be furnished to South Carolina Troops

Irish Brigade - Saint Patrick's Day Horse Race - 2nd Corps Letter

 STOLEN 8/13/17 2nd Mass. - The Wife of Charles R. Mudge K.I.A. Gettysburg Presents Col. Cogswell  "A COLOR STAFF TO REPLACE THE ONE SHATTERED AT CHANCELLORSVILLE"

Discharge Signed by Col. Edward E. Cross, 5th New Hampshire Vols. - KILLED AT GETTYSBURG

Great West Point Letter from the Son of General George Meade on the Verge of the Civil War!  - He would soon join the 6th Pa. Lancers and then go on his father's staff.  Many in his class had left to go South: "THERE IS BUT 38 MEN LEFT IN MY CLASS OUT OF 87, THAT IS RATHER A FALLING OFF FOR ONE YEAR

CDV General Silas Casey - By Anthony/Brady

CDV Col. Ulric Dahlgren Killed in Cavalry Raid on Richmond

 STOLEN 8/13/17 CDV of 6th Pa. Rush's Lancers Colonel Charles Ross Smith


 STOLEN 8/13/17
Civil War Cavalry 2nd Lieutenant's Shoulder Straps with Beautiful Golden Yellow Velvet

An Historic Document from Charleston, S.C. - Signed by Mayor Charles MacBeth, who Surrendered Charleston on Feb. 18th, 1865 to Lt. Col. A. G. Bennett of the 21st U.S. Colored Troops

101st Illinois Infantry Soldiers Letter - Savannah, Georgia Has Been Captured - "Our grand reviews have all been held in the streets of this beautiful city" - Praises Discipline of Sherman's 20th Corps, Slocum, Howard.... and Carelessness of Kilpatrick's Cavalry "As if they were looking for chickens!"  - Meets Sherman Walking in the City!

Important War Date ALS of Union General George H. Gordon Regarding THE SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THE FIGHT FOR CHARLESTON'S FORT SUMTER AND THE USE OF COLORED TROOPS! - Folly Island, S.C. May 26th, 1864

Confederate Cover Autographed by Future CS General William C. Wickham - He Signs as "Lt. Col. 4th Va. Cavalry" - Served with J. E. B. Stuart in Raid on Calett's Station & Maryland Invasion

 STOLEN 8/13/17
Gettysburg Campaign - Graphic Description of the Rebel Invasion of Mechanicsburg, Pa. - Written by a Terrorized Civilian Lady

STOLEN 8/13/17 - A Total of 8 Union Letters/Documents Concerning the Search for Confederate Gold - Includes Letter from Union General Thomas Jordan at Lexington, N.C. & 6 from Captain Asbury P. Gatch of the 9th Ohio Cavalry

1st Creek Regiment CSA! - Document Signed by Captain of the Confederate Indian Regiment

9th New York Heavy Artillery Soldier Alfred Roe Gives a Graphic Report of his Treatment as a POW at DANVILLE PRISON

Four Letters REGARDING THE PURCHASE OF WHITWORTH GUNS & PROJECTILES FROM ENGLAND! – These Letters were written by Abram S. Hewitt & Sent to Asst. Secretary of War P. H. Watson – Great Content: “Mr. Adams, our minister, requested me to purchase a 70 pounder for the war department.”… “The success of this gun of the doom of the Armstrong gun”... “These guns will put shells through the most obstinate materialwill pass under water and will put a hole into a vessel below the waterline, even if plated with iron of moderate thickness

The Rare Confederate States of America VICKSBURG PAROLE

49th New York Infantry - Two Letters from Medal of Honor Recipient John P. McVean

Postal History: "U. S. Grant" Signed as President on Executive Envelope - Rare as Presidential Franking Privileges were Abolished 6 Months Later!

116th Pa. "Irish Brigade" Letter - William A. Smith Writes from Winter Quarters in December 1863

211th Pa. Inf. - The Most Amazing Letter that We Have Ever Read Regarding Union & Confederate Soldiers Trading Items - Writer James O. Parmlee is given a Confederate Circular Inviting Foreigners "Entrapped" in the Union Army to be aided by the Confederacy!

Program for Ellsworth Zouave Corps Exhibition Drill, along with Baxter's Regimental Band, September 12th, 1861
32nd Mass. Infantry - 34-year old Daguerreotypist Josiah C. Fuller Writes from Sharpsburg, MD. just after the Battle of Antietam - 7 Long Pages in Ink Giving Wonderful Details about the Regiment, Camp Life, & Discusses Selling his Photography Studio - Much Detail!
13th Alabama Surgeon Henry M. Clarkson Writes from Gettysburg, Pa. on July 4th, 1863 - He Cared for Wounded Confederate Soldiers in the Mc Pherson Barn!

STOLEN 8/13/17 - "Flag Ship New Ironsides, Charleston Harbor, S.C., April 8th, 1863" - Letter Signed by Rear Admiral S. F. Du Pont + CDV of Him + THE FINEST CDV WE HAVE SEEN OF THE SHIP NEW IRONSIDES! - The Most Powerful Ship in the U.S. Navy!

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