Wanted: Single Pieces or Entire Collections

    You may consign to us for a flat 10% selling commission (no hidden fees!) or you can have immediate cash payment... you decide.  We will pay you immediately - no waiting!  Our only requirement: MUSEUM QUALITY ITEMS ONLY!  Call us to discuss what you have and what we can do for you (419.565.4100). 

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Soldiers’ Letters with great content and graphic battle descriptions from the French and Indian War through WWII - Our main emphasis is on the Civil War era.  We especially desire to purchase Confederate letters and entire collections of letters.

  • War-dated autograph material of famous military personalities - We are constantly seeking Confederate Generals T. J. Jackson, J. E. B. Stuart, and Louis Armistead

  • High-quality CDV photos with period ink I.D. - We need important Civil War personalities autographed on the front or killed in action

  • Great hard images (ambrotypes and tintypes) of soldiers with their weapons

  • "Souvenirs" or "war trophies" brought back or mailed back by soldiers

  • Soldier identified items, both excavated and non-excavated, inscribed I.D. tags or discs, stencils, and Corps badges

  • Rare buttons and buckles (both excavated and non-excavated) - Excavated buttons that were originally gilted must have a high percentage of the original gold gilt still remaining.  Non-excavated buttons must have an untouched, uncleaned patina (Button collectors: DO NOT polish your buttons!).  Buckles and plates must have great eye appeal with pleasing patinas.  

  • Soldier pen and ink drawings of camp life and maps of battle formations sent home in letters

  • Original Charleston slave tags - Be sure to read our article on the Charleston slave tag that was published in North-South Trader magazine (Vol. XXVII, No. 6)

  • Important documents especially Appomattox Paroles and other paroles issued in the field after a soldier was captured in battle (by Stuart, Mosby, Forrest, etc.).

  • All documents related to Confederate blockade runners especially the bonds issued by company owners

  • P.O.W. items – including letters with “inspected” covers and autograph albums from prisoners at Johnson’s Island, Libby and Andersonville

  • Colorful items including recruiting broadsides, regimental drums, shoulder straps, insignia, uniforms and leather goods

  • Weapons: guns and edged weapons that are complete, not over-cleaned, possessing great eye appeal (both non-excavated and excavated)  

  • Any items identified to great regiments or brigades (Iron Brigade, Irish Brigade, Custer's Cavalry Brigade, Berdan Sharp Shooters, etc.) 

  • Anything from early or Confederate Charleston, South Carolina

  • Documents and artifacts from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia including copies of their Virginia Gazette Newspaper

  • Any letters, images or memorabilia from the California gold rush or accounts of fighting Indians

  • Shipwreck treasure and any other colorful excavated items: Spanish Cobs, gold doubloons, and gold nuggets with great eye appeal