WWII – Jack Benny & USO Tour Signed Bank Note… Or “Short Snorter”

A "Short Snorter" is a bank note inscribed by people traveling together... In this case 5 famous Hollywood personalities: Jack Benny, Carole Landis, Larry Adler, Martha Tilton & June Bruner. The bank note is a 10 shillings “Common Wealth of Australia”.  On the reverse are 5 autographs of Hollywood personalities who were on a USO TOUR IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC.  According to the Internet, these 5 performed on August 29th, 1944 and there are some great photos of the 5.  We will include several that we copied on glossy photo paper.  The collection of photos of Carole Landis is especially well done.  She was the heart throb of the U.S. Military boys who had photos of her on their lockers! 

The signature of Jack Benny is in an oval on the note and above him is June Bruner, the Pianist of the show.  Carole Landis signs the note with a large signature and below her Larry Adler signs.  Larry was a musician and acclaimed as the world’s greatest harmonica player.  Below Larry, Martha Tilton signs.  She was a singer with Benny Goodman.

The note is in very good condition… some of the short snorters we have seen since they were folded and kept in wallets are in very poor condition.  All the 5 autographs are readable with only Martha Tilton’s being a little hard to see. 

A wonderful piece of WWII history! 

#EL77 - Price $295

Jack Benny:

June Bruner:

Carole Landis:

Larry Adler:

Martha Tilton:

August 29th, 1944  - USO Tour in the South Pacific

Left to right: Larry Adler (Musician - World's Greatest Harmonica Player), Jack Benny (Comedian), Martha Tilton (Singer), June Bruner (Pianist) and Carole Landis (Actress and popular pin-up with servicemen in WWII)