WWII – Great Letter, Cover and “Souvenir” Sent Home “Somewhere in Germany”, April 15th, 1945 by Sgt. Brice Hess, 3rd U.S. Army
This 2-page letter written in ink comes with its original cover and a 4 x 7 inch cloth Nazi emblem taken from a captured clothing store:

“I was out on a reconnaissance a few days ago and went by a clothing store house which we had captured from the Nazis. I thought you might like a souvenir of this affair so here ‘tis.

I suppose these emblems are worn on other articles of clothing too, but I know they wore them on the breast of their undershirts, and I did say wore, not wear. They have worn them for too long. So long that the emblem has eaten down into their petrified hearts.”

The letter goes on with more great content. The souvenir that Sgt. Hess sends is in nice condition and on the left side he has written in ink:

“Sgt. Brice Hess
HQ 3d U.S. Army
April 15, 1945”

More good letter content:

• “They are a cowed people now though they gaze at the might of our army as its tanks, guns, trucks, foods and personnel demand the right of ways which lead to the infectious parts which hide, the remaining “Dyed in the wools.”

• “What you sow, so shall you reap has really applied to these crazy fanatics. If you can imagine the four buildings at the corner of 1st & 20th in one big heap with a steel beam sticking up here and there, then you can picture how most of their towns look, or rather those towns where any resistance was offered.”

• “Lord, now there is no comparison in the convenience of European countries and the good ole USA. This place stinks and I mean that literally. It's littered and little and lowered.”

• “A good price in American and other lives has been paid to place them where they, though they could place the world, a price that should hang over their heads until they crawl on their bellies for peace.”

• “Guess you know I am ok by the fact that I'm shooting off my big mouth, eh. I always love a-hearing from you, Bessie. Jack should write the weekly gossip column. Just kidding B. J. You know what I like to hear, it seems. Let `er pop, so I says.”

• “Guess they'll make most anyone Captain, don't you? Your Pal, Brice You can trace the signature with India ink. I'm fresh out (of India ink).”

• Accompanying Cover:

Return Address -
“Capt. Brice Hess
Hq. 3d U.S. Army G. I. Mail
Apo 403, New York, N. Y.”

Addressed to -
“Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Kendrick
Rt. 3 Box 99
Birmingham, Alabama
U. S. A.”

#EL123 - Price $325