WWII – Lt. Col. J. Selby Edgerton Sends Home Stationery & Envelope from the Captured Office of Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda!
This letter is dated “Berlin, 17 July, 1945”. His letter to his mother measures 8 x 11 ½ inches and is on colorful red outlined stationery from the Minister of Propaganda. Accompanying is a cover also from that office that has the German Swastika on it. (Interesting that it got through the U.S. mail) It has a “U.S. Army Postal Service, July 19, 1945” postmark. Here is the content:

                                                                    Berlin 17 July 1945
Dearest Mother:

I have been scrounging around a bit in Dr. Goebbel's private offices, as you can see. Also in those of Hitler, Goehring and a few others of the now somewhat debased Harrenvolk.

Berlin, as the British say, has had it. The armored occupation divisions of the three Allied powers now are gathering, and it looks as though there will be a parade down Unter den Linden which really will show the Germans what hit them. The President and Mr. Churchill are here and I found many friends and acquaintances on deck here. People certainly do get around in the most surprising fashion these days.

Paris was just as wonderful as I knew it would be, not so much because of the people, in whom I must confess some disillusionment, as in the historical associations and beauty of the place itself. I saw all it was humanly possible to see in the time I had and left satisfied that I had gotten what I could out of an experience so many of us have desired.

The trip has been a kaleidoscopic series of impressions which in retrospect seem to fill weeks of time instead of mere days and hours.

Selby (Lt. Col. Joseph Selby Edgerton)

Goebbels was one of Hitler’s most devoted Officers, helping him establish the Nazi party in Berlin. He used movies to communicate their brainwashing. The German people bought 1 billion movie tickets at the country’s 5,000 theaters in 1942. His documentary in 1940 “The Eternal Jew” fostered the anti-Semitic violence and killing of the Jews. At the end he insisted on remaining with Hitler and after his master’s suicide, had his 6 children poisoned and himself and his wife shot by a S.S. officer. One of the most evil men in our world’s history.

Truly one of the finest frameable “war trophies” we have had from WWII.

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