A Very Cool Piece of “Postal History” – A Cover Sent by “Special Delivery” from the Battle of Bull Run where the Fire Zouaves from Brooklyn had fought – Franked by Charles H. VanWyck, Member of Congress
This postal used cover measuring 2 ½ x 4 ¾ inches has a beautiful “BROOKLYN, N.Y. JULY 22” cancellation. In the top right corner, “C. H. VanWyck, M. C.” On the reverse at the top is imprinted:

“ Brought to Brooklyn, from Bull’s Run, Va.
July 20, by A.S. WHEELER, 106 Fulton Av.”

At the Battle of Bull Run, fought July 21st, 1861, a caravan of spectators came out to watch. Businessman A. S. Wheeler who had been in the camp of the Brooklyn, N.Y. Fire Zouaves after the battle offered his services to take the soldier’s mail back to Brooklyn. This is the only example of this rare imprint envelope that we have seen. A great “souvenir” from the Battle of Bull Run.

Charles VanWyck had a fascinating history. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in March of 1859. In March of 60’ he delivered a harsh anti-slavery speech on the house floor denouncing the Southern States for a “Crime Against the Laws of God and Nature”. On February 22nd, 1861, VanWyck was assaulted near the Capitol in an assassination attempt… the same night as in attempted assassination of President-elect Abraham Lincoln in Baltimore, Maryland. After the battle of Bull Run, VanWyck joined the Union army as Colonel of the 56th New York regiment.

An amazing piece of postal history.

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