Hand-Carved Ring Made from Wood Take Off the Ship Cumberland – With Original Tag
This hand-carved ring measuring about 1-inch across came with a small envelope measuring 2 x 3 ½ inches. On the envelope is written:

This ring was made by 
Hilbur Young while in the 
hospital in Maryland and is a 
piece of wood taken off the 
ship Cumberland after she 
was sunk in the Civil War. 

The USS Cumberland was part of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron. It was involved in several minor actions around Hampton Roads and then on March 8th, 1862 it met the ironclad CSS Virginia (formerly the USS Merrimack) at Newport News, Virginia. This engagement became known as the first day battle of Hampton Roads. This battle is considered to be a turning point in the history of naval affairs as it showed the advantage of steam-powered, armored ships over sail-powered, wooden ships. The Cumberland ended up with gaping holes and her debris scattered over the harbor as she sank. During the Civil War most everyone was a “souvenir collector” and thus this little ring was carved from part of her wood.

We don’t know who Hilbur Young was, or how he ended up in the Hospital in Maryland. We do know that the tag is “right” and when framed with a picture of the sinking of the Cumberland, makes for a nice display.

#A496 - Price $155