Letter from Surgeon at Ohio Penitentiary Describes in Detail the Escape of John Hunt Morgan!
This 4-page letter in ink was written on Sunday, November 29th, 1863 (although it is headed “First day afternoon”… which would be Sunday the 29th) John Hunt Morgan had just escaped on Friday the 27th. The writer Sydney Baily was a Doctor at the prison. He also was apparently a Quaker or other religious type as he says “thy” repeatedly… good old King James English!

We have never seen a more detailed description of how Morgan escaped. Since the doctor worked there, he could describe exactly how the escape was accomplished. The letter is only signed “Syd” as he is writing his wife, but fortunately, we have an envelope addressed to his wife by Syd. The envelope has the distinctive Camp Chase cancellation. This was not the envelope that our letter came in as it is a mismatch with a June 30th postmark. Actually, the 30th is probably the day it was mailed so perhaps the post office made the mistake of not having November in the cancellation?

The letter is in excellent condition and easily read. Here it is:

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