Wonderful Pair of "Ohio Squirrel Hunter's" Discharge & Governor Tod's Letter

The Ohio Squirrel Hunter’s Discharge is one of the most colorful pieces of ephemera from the Civil War.  When Governor Tod feared that Ohio was going to be invaded by the Confederacy in 1862, he asked all the farmers… anyone who had an old squirrel hunting gun to come to the aid of their state.  It was a motley looking group that showed up… and the attack never came.  In recognition of their effort, the Governor had this wonderful discharge printed up and given to each man that responded. 

What is rare is the letter that accompanied this colorful discharge.  In the letter, Governor Tod has some great words to say about their heroic effort… be sure to take time to read what he says.  This is the first PAIR that we have had to offer.  Normally, you just see the discharge for sale… and they are scarce.  They were normally framed as a result became quite faded.  Our two pieces were kept together unframed and as a result both pieces have no fading.  There is moderate foxing and some staining but overall these two pieces have a great “look”. 

#A351 - Price for the pair $395

(Photocopy provided to buyer, if requested)