Shipping Arms from the Citadel in Charleston to the Arsenal in Columbia, S.C.

The Confederacy in need of arms for its troops has to resort to taking outdated and broken guns stored at its now famous Citadel.

This letter written by the Ordnance Officer W. G. Easen is written on blue “State of South Carolina, Ordnance Office” stationary.  It is in excellent condition and a fine example showing the difficulty the Confederacy had in equipping their troops.

State of South Carolina.

Ordnance Office

Charleston April 8, 1863

His Excellency

Gov. M. L. Bonham


       I have the honor herewith enclosed to hand you a statement of all ordnance and ordnance stores shipped from the citadel in this city to the Columbia Arsenal.  We have remaining about twenty seven hundred arms of all kinds, which require cleaning and some repair, as fast as they are made ready, they are packed for shipment as we are compelled to use green lumber for our packing boxes.  It will not answer to send the guns off in their present condition, for in thirty days time they would be unfit for use.

      Understanding your telegram of this morning to direct me to send up all the arms etc. except those needed for Capt. Thomas’s Corps will continue to ship as fast as they are ready.

        Very Respectfully

             Your Obt. Servt.

                   W. G. Easen, Major

                   A. Ord. Off. S.C.


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