State of South Carolina "Captured" Commission - The 149th New York have some fun with an Official CS form!

Obviously created by federal soldiers who had found a signed but otherwise issued military commission, this document is nothing less than an appointment as “Colonel of the First Regiment of Chivalry from the State of South Carolina” and has been made out to Samuel Brown Wheelock.  Printed for use when South Carolina was still in the Union, the form bears original manuscript changes to “Confederate” in a few spots, and one to the dateline, making it read “in the – year of the Independence of the State of South Carolina.”  A partly printed oath on verso, dated 10 January 1865 and personally signed by Wheelock, binds him to “not be faithful… to the State of South Carolina… and not to the best of my abilities, discharge the duties thereof, and preserve, protect and defend, the Constitution of this State, and the Confederate States – So help me Jeff Davis!”  Wheelock’s signature has been “witnessed” by one reading “Grand Mogul”.

Wheelock, an officer of the 149th New York, was cited several times in reports by his superiors during the Atlanta and Savannah campaigns.  General John W. Geary made him his Acting Assistant Adjutant General upon assuming command of Savannah, December 23, 1864.  Bonham, who had led the South Carolina Brigade in the Seminole War and also fought in Mexico, succeeded to the U.S. Congressional seat of his cousin Preston S. Brooks (chastiser of Senator Charles Sumner) but withdrew upon secession.  Placed in command of the Army of South Carolina and then made a Confederate brigadier, Bonham commanded the first troops in the defense of Richmond, fought at First Manassas, and after his mid-war political interlude returned to the service in time to witness the finale of General Joe Johnston’s Carolinas campaign and surrender with him.

A great piece in fine condition!

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