Robert B. Rhett, Jr. Editor of the Charleston Mercury Writes to His Father, Robert B. Rhett… “The Father of Secession” - HE TALKS ABOUT THE SLAVE TRADE – Includes a CDV of Rhett Jr.
This letter headed, “Charleston, March 22nd (1852) is 2-pages in nice dark ink. Rhett Jr. first mentions:

The paper is getting on very well, and I thank you for the editorials sent me. I hope by this time you are quite well again and that the warm weather and exercise will strengthen your knees. We are all well here. Barnet, Elise and Alfred are in the country.”

His next paragraph gives historic insight into the state of the slave trade in the south:

In writing about the reopening of the slave trade in the Union, I wish you would elaborate carefully its impracticability of accomplishment, either by law or by smuggling. All any planters here consider it as already done and will never be stopped. They say thousands are now landed in Texas. It is a very obstructive question with the present prices of Negroes, and should, I think, be carefully and thoroughly handled at once.”

In closing: “With love to cousin Kate, believe me dear Father, affectionately your son, R. B. Rhett, Jr.”, and below that to the left, “Hon. R. B. Rhett”. It’s interesting the formality of those southern families!

The CDV by Anthony of New York shows a bust of Rhett Jr. Condition of both CDV and letter are fine.

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