Confederate Letter with Nice Envelope – “Fort Johnson, James Island, September 2nd, 1863” – Describes Effort to Reinforce Fort Sumter - “Tonight we will start early in order to get over before the moon gets up”
This letter written by Samuel N. Kennerly is 2-pages in ink and comes with a nice cover having a “Charleston, S.C, Sept. 4, 1863” postmark. In the left corner, “S. N. Kennerly Lt. Edisto Rifles, 25th Reg. S.C. Vol.” Here is some high points:

• “We started yesterday evening and succeeded in getting near Fort Sumter in a boat, but the enemy had advanced with their boats and commenced firing on Sumter and we could not pass and consequently had to turn back. We came back as far as Fort Johnson where we are at present, awaiting for tonight to go over. Boats cannot go over only at night owing to the Yankees firing into every boat that they see passing. They kept up a very heavy fire on Fort Sumter all night last night, and the moon was shining brightly and consequently it was impossible for us to pass.”

• “Darling, you need not be uneasy about my being over there. I don't think there is much danger in being over there if a person is careful, and you know I will take care of myself if there is any chance of my doing so. A great many go over and very few get killed.”

• “Things have been very quiet today. There has not been much shooting. I think we will make the trip tonight. We will start early in order to get over before the moon gets up. We will go in a steam boat until we get near Fort Sumter, where we will take small boats and row ever from there.”

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