A Woman Missionary in Jamaica, West Indies Writes In-Depth About the Rebel CSS Alabama Now at the Entrance of Kingston Harbor!
For any Confederate naval enthusiast here is a wonderful letter from an American missionary, L. A. Woodcock, serving in British Jamaica. The letter is 4 pages in ink and is headed “Sea View, Jamaica, West Indies Jan. 27, 1863”. Here is that great content:

• “There is a little exciting war news. In Kingston the rebel war steamer Alabama is at Port Royal, the entrance of Kingston harbor. She came in without liberty.”

• “She put in distress as she had a skirmish with the Hatteras off Galveston, Texas. The Alabama had on board 118 prisoners from the Hatteras.”
• “Mr. Camp, the American Consul, has succeeded and has got them all liberated and the steamer has to leave and the government has forbid the rebel steamer to have any wood, coal, water, or provisions of any kind.”

• “There are two steamers off way out of the harbor in waiting for her and she is commanded to leave immediately. Some of the men of the Alabama have deserted her and more of them would if they could. The Captain says he and all his men will go down first before he will allow himself to be taken by these two steamers that are waiting for him as soon as he puts out to sea.”

• “The rebel steamer has been giving trouble in the seas by boarding sailing vessels from Jamaica that are freighted with provisions for this island.”

• “She boarded one that was to enter one of the ports nearby to me – and took off all provisions that were consigned from America to any of the parts of this island. I saw the steamer as she came along the north side of the island. It was the last day of December.”

• “I am in hopes to hear soon that there will be measures taken to put an end to this war and to save the lives of thousands.”

Condition is very fine… put it with a picture of the CSS Alabama.

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