A Circuit Preacher who Regularly Preaches to the Warren Rifleman Asks General Beauregard for a “Passport” for the Manassas Gap Railroad – BEAUREGARD WRITES A NOTE ON THE REVERSE!
This minister by the name of John Clark lived at Bellefair Mills, in Stafford County, Va. He is writing on June 18th, 1861 to Beauregard. Clark ministered in various towns including Front Royal, where he knew Captain R. H. Simpson of the “Warren Rifleman”. He also published a newspaper in Front Royal.

Clark had recently given Beauregard a railroad map of the region and starts out his letter, “I received your acknowledgement of the Rail Road Map I had the honor to send you and am glad that it will be useful to you.” Besides asking Beauregard for the pass, he states that his 16 year old son would like to serve Beauregard as an aid.

On the back there is a docket from one of Beauregard’s aides and then all in Beauregard’s hand:

“Give a pass. I see no reason why you should not take the cars here if you desire it. I regret I have no need of the services of your son or I would employ him with pleasure.
G. T. B”

#HC177 - Price $250