Postal History & Currency

Postally Used Confederate Patriotic Cover – Cannon & 11 Star Flag – Bonitz, N.C.

Nice Example of a “Nebraska Territory” 3 Dollar Note – The City of Omaha

Confederate Postal History - 5 Cent Green, Lynchburg, Va. 1862 - Addressed to 1st Virginia Brigade, Lt. James H. Langhorne, 4th Reg. Virginia Volunteers, Manassas Junction, Va. - THE FAMOUS LIBERTY HALL VOLUNTEER

Confederate Postal History - Small Green Cover with Two CSA-6 Davis Stamps & Beautiful Blue Greensborough, N.C. Postmark

   STOLEN 8/13    - Confederate Postal History - 8th Georgia Infantry Color-Bearer S. B. Barnwell of Company B - Killed While Carrying the Flag

Confederate Postal History - 52nd Virginia Infantry - A Captured Cover Taken from the 69th New York Irish Brigade - Great Story!

    STOLEN 8/13    - Confederate Postal History - 13th Texas Cav. - Rare Postmark: "CAMPTI, LA., AUG 3 (1863), DUE 10"

Rare WWII "McCoy Internment Camp, Camp McCoy, Wisconsin" Cover - Held Japanese Immigrants & German & Italian Nationals!

  Union Patriotic Used Cover - Giant Colorful "Col. E. E. Ellsworth"

Pre-Civil War Charleston Cover with "Ravenel & Co." Hand Stamp

Nevada: The Manhattan Silver Mining Co. $5

Nevada: The Manhattan Silver Mining Co. $20

CS Post-Master Thomastown/Canton, Mississippi

16th Mass. - Ord. Sergt. Joseph S. Hills, Co. F. - One of His "Custom - Made" Postally Used Covers - He was Killed in the Wilderness

1861 Charleston Letter & Cover  - Talks of Getting Supplies through the Blockade!

Six Different Civil War Patriotic Tokens all in Fine Condition

Union Patriotic Cover - Eagle Flying Over Charging Troops - Perhaps the Famous 7th Wisc?

   STOLEN 8/13    - Confederate Postal History - Centreville, Va. Due 5 Manuscript with Beautiful I.D.: Capt. R. B. Isabell, 30th Va. Cavalry - He Carried Stonewall Jackson's Battle Flag