P. O. W. Items

Letter from Lt. Samuel Boyer Davis – Johnson’s Island, February 1st, 1865 – “I am condemned to die.” Also, a book he wrote: Escape of a Confederate Officer from Prison – What he saw at Andersonville – How he was sentenced to death and saved by the interposition of President Abraham Lincoln

First Lieut. Edward Charles Parker, Company E 94th New York Infantry – POW Gettysburg (Sent Home Famous Letter from Libby in a Button!) – A Long 16 Page Letter in Ink from “Opposite Fredericksburg, Va. May 18th, 1862” – With Wonderful Descriptions, Suitable for a Magazine Article

Morning Report from Johnson’s Island POW Prison in Lake Erie – December 27th, 1864

Rare Prion Book

3rd Maine Hannibal Johnson Great POW Sword Story!

Finest Cahaba Prison Letter & Cover Known - Adam Bahn, Co. B 102nd Ohio Vols. - Captured by CS Gen. Forrest - Died When the Steamship Sultana Blew Up! - THE GREATEST MARITIME DISASTER IN U.S. HISTORY!

110th O.V.I. - Sergt. R. V. McCollum Writes of the Fate of Fellow POW Asa L. Collins of the 106th N.Y. Inf. - Both were POW's at Danville, Va. - Matching U.S. Christian Commission Stationery & Cover with Chaplain's Endorsement