STOLEN 8/13/17 - "Flag Ship New Ironsides, Charleston Harbor, S.C., April 8th, 1863" - Letter Signed by Rear Admiral S. F. Du Pont + CDV of Him + THE FINEST CDV WE HAVE SEEN OF THE SHIP NEW IRONSIDES! - The Most Powerful Ship in the U.S. Navy!

What a wonderful 3 piece set for the Charleston or U.S. Navy collector.  Doctor Charles L. Peery sold us this CDV many years ago prior to his passing.  When he allowed it pictured in a publication, it was announced as “A newly discovered picture of the most powerful ship of the Navy.  The photographer on the reverse is “F. GUTEKUNST Photographer, 704 & 706 Arch St. PHILADA.” 

The CDV of Du Pont is the typical view by Anthony/Brady New York and has some foxing, but an O.K. representative piece. 

The LS (Letter Signed) has a great look to it.  Du Pont is writing Major General David Hunter, who at the time was in charge of the Department of the South.  General Hunter had written previously to Du Pont giving his regrets for not being able to assist the Admiral in his attack on Fort Sumter.  GREAT CONTENT!  Du Pont had one failure after another and he so appreciated Hunter’s kind words that he states:

I shall have your letter read on every Ironclad of this Fleet, so that every man under my command shall know what has long been familiar to me, the heartfelt sympathy of the Commanding General of the Army of the Department of the South.”

Again, a wonderful 3 piece historic set. 

#HC146 - Price $1,495