North Carolina Confederate Colonel Wharton J. Green, Severely Wounded & Captured at Gettysburg, Writes from Johnson’s Island POW Prison, Dec. 31st, 1863
Wharton J. Green was a lawyer from Warren County, North Carolina, who enlisted in April of 1861 as a Private and would have been a Brigadier General as President Jefferson Davis sent his nomination to Congress, but as it was late in the war, never acted upon!

While serving with General Junius Daniel at the battle of Gettysburg in Rodes’ Division, on the first day, and at the time that Union General Reynolds was killed, Green received a severe wound in the head. During the retreat he was captured by Kilpatrick’s Cavalry. There is a great story in Gettysburg Magazine No. 2… he stole Custer’s buggy! Anyway, he was captured and imprisoned first at Fort Delaware and then Johnson’s Island. After the war he became a Congressman from North Carolina’s 3rd District.

The letter is in fine condition. One page, nice dark ink. He is writing his cousin Addie. The content shows the tragedy of war… he is in prison and nether his wife or he could be with his father in his last dying moments. He thanks his cousin that she was there for him. He closes this New Year’s Eve letter by stating, “P.S. May the incoming prove a happier new year to you all than the last. W. G.”

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