Amazing Piece of Abraham Lincoln & Chicago Lawsuit History – ALS by William S. McCormick – The Man who became the Major Producer of Agricultural Equipment in the 19th Century (International Harvester) – This letter, written to his most successful competitor, John Henry Manny, Inventor of the Manny Reaper, who would eventually be sued by the McCormick’s (McCormick V. Manny) WITH ABRAHAM LINCOLN CHOSEN TO REPRESENT MANNY – Colorful Language is used… “You remind me of a viper snake”!!!
We came across this piece of colorful Chicago Americana in a big collection we purchased. The letter is headed, “Chicago 26th Sept. 1853”. William S. McCormick is writing J. H. Manny and McCormick gives him a piece of his mind. The letter is written in nice dark ink on blue stationery. Cyrus McCormick filed a law suit against Manny for patent infringement in 1855. Manny hired Edwin M. Stanton who hired local Illinois lawyer Abraham Lincoln. However, the trial was moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and Lincoln ended up not contributing to the defense. After being elected President, Lincoln chose Stanton as his Secretary of War.

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