Major General George Meade’s Famous General Order No. 68 – Gettysburg, July 4th, 1863
This original document measuring 6 ½ x 6 ½ inches is headed, “Head Quarters Army of the Potomac, July 4th, 1863”, “General Orders No. 68”. This was printed on a field printing press and is General Meade’s thanks to the Army of the Potomac. Interestingly when President Lincoln received a copy of this order it upset him. Meade after thanking the Army, stated “Our task is not yet accomplished, and the commanding general looks to the army for greater efforts to drive from our soil every vestige of the presence of the invader.” When Lincoln saw that he exclaimed, “Great God! Is that all?” He complained to another listener, “Will our Generals never get that idea out of their heads? The whole country is our soil!”

It was our privilege to be one of the major suppliers to the collections at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, Pa. We personally have only seen two copies of this General Order No. 68. One we sold to Harrisburg and the other to our friend Steve Putnal, who passed several years ago. Steve had a truly amazing collection… one of the best in the country. The piece we are now offering was in Steve’s collection.

When you search the Internet for Meade’s General Order No. 68, you will see an article mentioning “Museum Pieces” and it talks about the example in Harrisburg.

Our example was originally deacidified and archivally strengthened. It is in fine condition… the best of the two examples. Truly an historic and amazing piece of Gettysburg, Lincoln and Civil War history.

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