Lew Wallace ALS to Benjamin G. Lossing – Wallace Sends a Copy of the Scarce Book, “A Sketch of the Events which Preceded the Capture of Washington by the British, on the Twenty-Fourth of August, 1814” (The book is included and has a great fold out map)
The scarce first edition book that Wallace sends was printed in Philadelphia in 1849. Wallace’s letter is tipped in the front of the book and is dated March 22nd, 1860. Here is the transcription:

                                          Crawfordsville, Ind. Mar. 22, 1860
B. G. Lossing, Esq.
Po’keepsie, N.Y.

Dr. Sir –
                    I send you by mail today the little book – “Captain of Washington” – I spoke about in my letter. It is the only copy of it I have ever seen. Its maps quotations, letters, etc. may be of some service to you, if you have them not already.

                  Have you determined your “line of march” yet? When may we expect you in the West?
                 My complements to Mrs. Lossing.

                                           Very respectfully yours,
                                                                      Lew Wallace

Included in the book is a 14 x 22 inch map of the “March of the British Army under Genl. Ross”. This map would be a “must” for the War of 1812 collector or historian.

Lewis Wallace was of course a Union General in the Civil War and the author of Ben-Hur, which was a best-selling novel that has been called the most influential Christian book of the 19th century. He presided over the trial of Henry Wirz and served on the Military Commission for the trials of the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators.

A very historic book, map and Lew Wallace letter.

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