Original Pen & Ink Map of Johnson’s Island Prison Camp near Sandusky, Ohio Drawn by Confederate Topographical Engineer Captain J. T. Hogane
This 9 ¾ x 13 inch drawing was done by Capt. J. T. Hogane, Topographical Engineer CSA, who was a member of M. Jeff Thompson’s Division. There are approximately 3 known maps of Johnson’s Island that Camp Hogane drew for fellow officers imprisoned at Johnson’s Island.

In the top left corner of the map is the name of the officer to whom it was presented:

S. M. Spencer
2nd Lieut. Issaquena Artillery
Captured at FORT DONELSON Feb. 16, 1862
By Gen. Grant’s Army
Block 1 Mess 2 Room 21

As expected from a Topographical Engineer, the detail and small printing of the various names on the map are quite amazing. To fully appreciate the detail… and for display portions of the map should definitely be photographically enlarged so everything can be read! In addition to black ink, Capt. Hogane has used shades of red, blue and green.

The map has been archivally restored and de-acidified and presents a fine appearance with very minimal fading. The colors are nice and bold. This piece has been in a private collection for the past 45 years and is deserving of the finest museum or library collection. Originally sold for $8,500.

#A440 - Price $5,250