Artifact from the Famous Ship Housatonic – Sunk by the Confederate Submarine H. L. Hunley – Deaccessed from the S.C. Historical Society
This artifact, a 14 x 9 inch piece of canvas is stenciled “HOUSATONIC WHALE BOAT AWNING J.F.B., N.Y.C. MARCH 1862” (Apparently this was stenciled as the Housantonic was being equipped prior to it being commissioned in the U.S. Navy in August 1862).

Along with this artifact is a great period ink tag (3 x 4 inches):

Taken from the
awning of a
Housatonic whale –
boat captured at
the naval assault on
Fort Sumter.
Wm. Mason Smith

William Mason Smith who obtained this relic was a Private in the 27th South Carolina Infantry. He was the son of William Mason and Eliza Carolina Middleton Huger Smith. He was mortally wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor in 1864 and died August 16th. He died at the home of Hon. William Porcher (who designed the first Confederate flag!). Today, the William Mason Smith house on Meeting Street is one of Charleston’s historically preserved homes.

Besides the wonderful tag on the canvas, there is a letter dated May 17th, 1984 from the Director of the South Carolina Historical Society. For many years the late Joseph T. Holleman did research for the Society and this piece was given to him for his voluntary work.

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