Historic Bargains

Charleston, S.C. Advertising Broadside: Terpsichore Hall – Madame Feugas’ Dancing & Waltzing Academy – Lists Rules for Gentleman!

Inexpensive Grouping of Five Confederate State of Georgia Tax Receipts

Special Limited First Edition of the Famous Reference Book, Autographs of the Confederacy

Touching Song Sheet “Dear Mother, I’ve Come Home to Die”

For the 6th Army Corps Collector – 28th Michigan Private Charles L. Cummings 48 Page Booklet “THE GREAT WAR RELIC”… A Description of the 6th Army Corps Campaign of 1863

Shipwreck Coin - "184 Year Old Shipwreck Coin Genuine Coin from the Shipwreck of the Admiral Gardner which sunk in January of 1809"

A Ticket to Moody & Sankey's Famous Revival in 1876

   STOLEN 8/13    - Two Reunion Invitations: Washington Light Infantry (Charleston), 1888? & Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, San Francisco 1892

29th Mass. - Sgt. J. Murray Atwood Writes from Newport News, Virginia February 9th, 1862

Early Northern Pacific Railroad Way-Bill 

 5th VT. Vol. - Camp Holbrook, St. Albans - Letter from Lt. Hamilton        

14th Conn. Maj. Cyrus C. Clark - Misuse of Public Funds - Document Signed by Secretary of War (Under President Hayes) George W. McCrary

WWII British Letter Sheet

18th Missouri Regimental

Admiral George C. Remey Letter