Letter Headed “Southern Confederated States, Charleston, S.C. 15th Feby. 1861” – With a Palmetto Flag in the Left Corner – With Cover having “Henry Cobia & Co.” Imprint (Became Blockade Runners)
This letter is written by Charles W. Tucker who worked for Henry Cobia & Co. Charles is writing his brother Joseph who lived in Wiscassett, Maine. The Tucker family background was that of sailing and the Henry Cobia company were commission merchants who ran blockade runners for the Confederacy running between Charleston, S.C. and England. They issued blockade runner bonds which are very collectible and in demand.

Here is some of the great content:

• “…I have been so very busy that I really have not felt like writing anyone, and the unsettled state of affairs keeps me in such a state of anxiety & excitement that pleasure is out of the question.”

• “Better leave the atmosphere of Black Republicanism tis that which makes you all sick and come here where God lets the “Sun shine on Honest men & Happy Negroes.”

• “It is really amusing to read the reports of “Suffering, Death, Starvation, Conflagrations, etc.” which are published about the people of Charleston. Our Market is well supplied with beef, small meats, vegetables, and starvation is a long way from our doors.”

• “The whole city is as quiet as it ever has been, and barring a great desire to have possession of Fort Sumter, we have no wish for war, but if the Fanatics of the North desire their amusement, we will give it to them to their “Hearts’ Content.”

• “We are prepared for war and Fort Sumter is now pretty well beleaguered, and when President Jeff Davis gives the order, you may depend that the Fort will be taken if it costs us the lives of one thousand men.”

• “As to the Black Republican ships & ship masters getting good freights, I have only to say I would let them rot at the wharves before I would knowingly give them a Freight for “Nothing”, to say nought of a compensation. These villains have grown rich on us and like the adder sting the hand that has nurtured them. But this day is now past. Good Bye they must say to pickings & stealing on the South.”

• “We all send love to you and yours, one & all, and if the two sections get to war, we at least will never be enemies.”

• “I fly the Palmetto Flag at the Mast head.”

Truly a historic letter sheet and cover.

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