States Rights Gist Writes Micah Jenkins: “Muster Your Regiment” – (The 5th S.C. Infantry which would become the Palmetto Sharpshooters) – Both Gist & Jenkins would later be killed in the war!
This LS by States Rights Gist is written on “State of South Carolina Head Quarters” stationery. It is dated February 25th, 1861. South Carolina has seceded from the Union and the city of Charleston is getting ready to defend their action. Fort Sumter would be fired upon 6 weeks later.

You know that General Gist's father must have had strong political feelings when he named his son "States Rights!" Gist graduated from Harvard and was with Beauregard prior to the firing on Ft. Sumter. At the Battle of Bull Run Gist was on General Bee s staff when Bee fell mortally wounded. Gist would go on to command Walker's Division at Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. Gist was killed in action leading his Brigade at the Battle of Franklin.

Micah Jenkins had graduated first in his class at the South Carolina Military Academy (now The Citadel). After his being commissioned Colonel of the 5th South Carolina, he fought with distinction at both 1st and 2nd Bull Run. While he riding with Longstreet in the battle of the wilderness, he would be killed.

The document measuring 8 x 9 ¾ inches is on official State of South Carolina Head Quarters Stationery. It reads:

February 25th, 1861

                It is the intention of the Commander
-in-Chief to arm the Regiments now being
raised under the act of the Legislature.

                You will therefore after mustering
the Companies composing your Regiment;
make or cause to be made, under your
supervision, the necessary requisitions for
the arms and accoutrements for those
Companies not provided with them.

                   The arms will be issued upon
giving the usual Bonds for their safe keeping.

                                       S. R. Gist
                                       Adjt. Insp. Genl.
                                               of S. C.


A remarkable piece of history… two famous Generals killed in the war!

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