One of the Only Confederate Paroles you will ever see from the Gettysburg Campaign – As the Confederates entered Pennsylvania the 20th Pa. “Emergency Militia” encountered Major General Jubel Early’s forces, Under Gen. John B. Gordon at Wrightsville, Pa., SEVERAL WERE CAPTURED & ISSUED PAROLES: THIS IS ONE OF THEM! - The Militia in Burning the Bridge Over the Susquehanna, Saved the Capitol of Harrisburg from the Confederates!
This 5 x 7 ¾ inch parole is headed, “Confederate States Forces, Head Quarters, York, Penn.” It is dated June 29th, 1863. “Private Joseph Openshaw, 20th Regt. Penn. Militia, taken Prisoner of War near Wrightsville, Pa.” “Is hereby permitted to go to his home upon his Parole of Honor not to serve in the UNITED STATES ARMY, or in any other military organization under the State or United States Government, nor in any manner bear arms against the CONFEDERATE STATES, until regularly exchanged. By command of Maj. General J. A. Early.” It is signed, “S. Hale, Maj. & A.A.G., P.A.C.S.”

Samuel Hale had previously lead the 48th Virginia at the battle of 1st Winchester until he was wounded. He then became Major & A.A.G. to his Uncle, General Jubel Early. In May of 1864 he was killed in action at the battle of Spotsylvania.

The Emergency Pennsylvania Militia action at the Wrightsville/Columbia Bridge is legendary. It was the largest covered bridge in the world! You can still read the historical marker today. Artist Bradly Schmehl has even done a painting of the burning. Included are several stories from the Internet.

A once in a lifetime opportunity for the Gettysburg collector.

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