“Office of Gatling Gun Company, Hartford, Conn.” – Great Imprinted Stationery Showing Gatling Gun + for Display with it a Commemorative Gatling Gun Medal
This display has been hanging in our relic room for many years. The letter is in an old period frame and the medal sits on it. Originally the Gatling gun was developed in 1862 as a division of the Colt’s Arms Company. Our letter is dated May 31st, 1878 and is written by the Treasurer of the Gatling Gun Company, Edgar T. Welles. The Treasurer is informing Colt’s Arms Company that a check for one hundred and forty six 97/100 is enclosed for the payment of a bill.

Obviously for this display we are not interested in the “content” but the illustration of the Gatling gun at the top. While the Gatling gun did not play much of a role in the U.S. Civil War, it came into its own during the Indian Wars… which would include the date on this letter. The relatives of Custer’s men wish that he had taken his Gatling gun with him at the Little Big Horn.

The medal measures 2 3/8 inches and was manufactured at the Centennial 1861-1961. One side shows an image of Richard Jordan Gatling and on the reverse a nice image of “Gatling’s Battery Gun”. The medal is in fine condition with the expected toning.

Again, a great item for the relic room… especially for you old West lovers that cannot afford a $100k Gatling gun!

#W72 - Price $395