STOLEN 8/13/17 - Future Confederate Naval Officer John McIntosh Kell Writes from the U.S. Frigate Savannah off Mazatlan, Mexico April 21st, 1846 – GREAT POSTALLY USED FOLDED LETTER WHICH SAILED ON THE U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (OLD IRONSIDES) BACK TO BOSTON BEFORE GOING TO HIS WIFE IN DARIEN, GA., HAS SHIP 12 & BOSTON CANCELLATION
In the Civil War Lieut. John Kell was Executive Officer of the CSS Sumter and was personally selected by Capt. Raphael Semmes. For three years, Kell ran the Union Blockade first on the Sumter and then perhaps the most famous Confederate Raider in the Civil War… the CSS Alabama.

The first part of the letter describes the situation waiting in the Harbor of Mazatlan for orders… as the Mexican War was about to start… just 4 days after our letter was written. For those interested in the Mexican War, he explains how frustrating it was getting newspapers 6 weeks old and month old letters. He is unsure if a letter gets there quicker across land or via Panama!

His cruise “has certainly been one of much disappointment”. “In the first place the death of our good old Commodore which was the most severe…” He laments, “As I expect never to make another cruise in the Pacific, I regret very much our making such poor use of our time. For had we visited more among the Islands, it would have been a most interesting cruise. It is now too late though and our only care is the arrival of the Congress which we anxiously look for between the first and middle of next month.”

The letter is 3 pages in ink in fine condition, writing his mother. He signs the letter “Your most affectionate son, Jn. M. Kell”. “EXCUSE THIS BAD LETTER AS IT WAS WRITTEN IN HASTE. TELL ALL OF THE NEGROES HOWDY FOR ME.”

For the Confederate Naval collector or autograph collector, this is a wonderful piece… however, it is perhaps even more valuable for the postal history collector who wants a cover carried on “old ironsides”.

#EL106 - Price $1,195