Finest Cahaba Prison Letter & Cover Known - Adam Bahn, Co. B 102nd Ohio Vol. - Captured by CS General Forrest - Died When the Steamship Sultana Blew Up! - THE GREATEST MARITIME DISASTER IN U.S. HISTORY!

This letter, 7 x 9 ½ inches, is headed, “Federal Prison, Cahaba, Dallas Co. Ala. January 15th, 1865.”  On April 27th, 1865 after his release from prison he was killed by an explosion on the steamer Sultana on the Mississippi River.  Private Adam Bahn enlisted into company B of the 102nd Ohio Infantry on August 27th, 1862.  At that time he had his picture taken holding his Colt pistol.  This picture can be found on page 177 in the book, Disaster on the Mississippi by Jean Salecker. 

With our letter is an outstanding Confederate cover, probably the finest Cahaba Prison cover known!   The postmark is “Vicksburg, Miss. Feb. 2, 1865” and “DUE 6”.   On the back flap of the cover, “Examined and Approved Capt. and Ajt. Commissioner of Exchange C.S.A.”  The cover is made out of the typical Confederate “brown bag” type of paper.  It is in excellent condition.  The letter has been archivally de-acidified and while it has toning, is in excellent condition, written in nice dark ink.

In this letter, Bahn gives a great summery of his being captured and living in prison.  Since the letter is one page this piece would frame up beautifully with a picture of the Sultana.  1,600 of the Sultana’s 2,400 passengers died when 3 of the ships 4 boilers exploded.  The finest piece of Confederate postal history that we have owned!  

                                                                                                                   Federal Prison
                                                                                                    Cahaba Dallas Co. Ala.
                                                                                                           January 15th, 1865

Dear Aunt,

            Since you last heard from me I have had the misfortunate of
becoming a “Prisoner of War”.  I was captured on the 24th Sept. at
the battle near Athens, Ala. by Genl. Forrest.  Was sent to this prison
 where I arrived on the 5th October.  (163) One hundred and sixty
three of my regiment are here with me.  Since my captivity I have
enjoyed good health, have been comfortably clothed and have been
fed better than I expected.  But I have not heard from home since –
have not received a letter from anywhere.  This is my first letter I
have written since I’ve been here.

            You need not trouble yourself about me.  There is no doubt
that I will be treated well.  Would be glad to hear from you.  I enclose
you a C. S. stamp please write on receipt of this.  A mail comes here
 about once a week.

Address – Co. B 102nd Ohio Vols. “Prisoner of War” Cahaba, Ala. 
Care of Capt. H. A. M. Henderson C. S. A. via Vicksburg, Miss.

                                                                                I remain,  
                                                                                    Yours Truly, 
                                                                                             Adam Bahn

To Rachel Bahn

          Helam York Co.


 #PO58 - Price $3,950

The Sultana Burning: