Excavated Civil War Items

I.D. Pin from the Famous 40th New York "Mozart Regiment"

Alabama Volunteer Corps Excavated Button with 60% Gold

Interesting Excavated Relic – Box of Percussion Caps Dug at Cumberland Landing, Va. – Still full of all the caps!

Wonderful Excavated Example of the CSA Rectangular Belt Plate – The patina is to die for! – An Inexpensive Example for the Collector Who Wants Eye Appeal & Zero Possibility of it Being a Reproduction

Confederate Staff Button CS21A – Excavated with 25% Gold – “C. Rouyer/N.O.”

Excavated Confederate Script I Button – Albert’s CS177 – “S. Isaacs Campbell & Co./ London/71 Jermyn St.” 22mm

Excavated Confederate Old English “A” Button – Albert’s CS107A3

Excavated Confederate Block A Button – Albert’s CS117A – Great Example

Excavated Confederate Local “I” Button by E. M. Lewis, Richmond, Va.

Excavated Early Militia Artillery Button from South Carolina with 98% Gold!

Excavated “Gem” Civil War Navy Button Found Near Hopewell, Va.

Shipwreck Treasure Coin from the Spanish Vessel “El Cazador” – Best Example from Our Collection

An Amazing Group of “Excavated” Civil War Dominos from Fredericksburg!

Excavated Civil War Silver Corps Badge from the Famous Vermont Brigade – William Howard, Co. H, 5th Vermont Infantry – Wounded Twice, in the Wilderness & at Petersburg

Civil War Excavated Stencil from One of the War’s Most Famous Regiments… The 20th Mass.

Grouping of 3 Excavated “Flower” Buttons – Each with 90% Gold

Interesting Button Excavated in Fredericksburg – An English Import