For the Gettysburg Collector – A Tremendous Listing of all the Makeshift Hospitals Set Up to Treat the Wounded after the Battle. The Gettysburg Gas Company Sends the List of Charges Due – SIGNED BY THE HEAD OF THE GAS COMPANY, DAVID McCONAUGHY, WHO WAS ALSO HEAD OF THE GETTYSBURG SPIES…WHO BUFORD MET FIRST WHEN HE CAME INTO TOWN TO FIND OUT THE CONFEDERACY’S PLAN!
Not only was David McConaughy the head of the Gettysburg Spies, he was the founder of the cemetery that was to achieve lasting fame as a battleground!

The document is 8 ½ x 11 inches and has at the top: THE UNITED STATES to “The Gettysburg Gas Company”. The document is dated September 7th, 1863 and covers “For gas furnished to U.S. Hospitals in Gettysburg, from 7th July to 7th September”. Then 11 make-shift hospitals are listed:

Hospital at Sheads & Buehler’s Hall                       $22.00
         “ ”         Washington Hotel                                   $10.40
         “ ”          German Reformed Church                 $1.20
         “ ”         Theological Seminars                            $13.60
         “ ”         Christ’s Church                                        $8.00
         “ ”         Court House                                              $8.40
         “ ”         United Presbyterian Church               $5.60
         “ ”         St. James Church                                     $4.40
        “ ”          Presbyterian Church                              $9.60
        “ ”          Pennsylvania College                             $17.60
        “ ”          McConaughy & Hall                                $1.60
Also at Dr. Janes (Surgeon in charge) offices     $2.00
Provost Marshall’s office                                             $.80

What we have is a great list suitable for display with some pictures of these important locations that “rose to the occasion”. Condition is fine, and a nice autograph of David McConaughy, the Chief “Gettysburg Spy”.

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