Confederate Items

One of the Famous Fred Fleet Letters, 26th Virginia Infantry, Wappoo Creek, S.C. November 1st, 1863 – As Quoted in the Book, “Green Mount, A Virginia Plantation Family During the Civil War”  

Confederate General Richard Griffith Writes from Leesburg, Virginia, December 24th, 1861, Christmas Eve – “When the children and Negroes bless others with their smiling and happy faces!”

Confederate General R. S. Ripley Writes from Charleston, S.C. on April 25th, 1861 regarding Requisitions for Fort Sumter – They are to be sent over on THE STEAMER PLANTER…The Ship that Negro Slave Robert Smalls Stole 17 Days Later!

18th Virginia Infantry – William Robert Elam, Wounded & Captured in Picket’s Charge, Writes from Johnson’s Island, Ohio

ALS – Confederate General Henry A. Wise, Charleston, S.C. September 20th, 1863 – Gen. Wise Stays at the Mill’s House Hotel and Meets with Gen. Beauregard!

Written from the 1st Capitol of the Confederacy – Montgomery, AL. April 24th, 1861 – Confederate Cavalry Colonel E. K. Smith Receives His “Marching Orders” – Signed by S. Cooper for the Secretary of War 

The 10th, 12th & 16th Mississippi Vols. Order Shoes (Brogans) from a Fancy New Orleans Dealer – Great Stationery!

12th Ga. Confederate Officers Pay Voucher – Captain Mark Harden from Blandford, Ga. – Went on to Serve in 2nd Confederate Congress & a Justice in the Supreme Court of Georgia 

Civil War Confederate Blockade Runner Bond – This one from the Charleston Importing and Exporting Company – Signed by the President of the Company Henry Cobia

Confederate General Thomas Jordan Writes from “Head Quarters, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac, Fairfax Court-House October 14th, 1861”

Confederate Soldier’s Letter – 62nd Tennessee Infantry – President Davis, Senator Cobb, Governor Harris and General Hood all made speeches to us 

Confederate Postal History - 5 Cent Green, Lynchburg, Va. 1862 - Addressed to 1st Virginia Brigade, Lt. James H. Langhorne, 4th Reg. Virginia Volunteers, Manassas Junction, Va. - THE FAMOUS LIBERTY HALL VOLUNTEERS