Confederate Items

   Confederate Blockade Runner Bonds                      Blockade Running 
                                                                                           Letters & Documents


    Charleston & S.C. Railroad Letter Re.            S.C. Palmetto Sharp Shooter              
 Regulations Imposed by S.C. State Gov.        
Letter: Pickets Talk to Enemy!


            CS Troops in Charleston                                  Seceded State of S.C.
    Get Equipped -Rare Stationary!                            Sets up Government





      2nd Va. - Stonewall Brig. Surg.                         French Man-of-War Arrives
      Describes Cedar Creek Deaths                         
in Charleston Harbor - Gives           
                                                                                         Intelligence to the South!!!      




     After S.C. Seceded: This is the Actual               Important Letter from CS War Dept.
Document AUTHORIZING CERTIFICATES           with ALS of CS Congressman Miles
       OF STOCK TO PROVIDE FOR THE                     (Designed CS Flag) Re. Blockade

      MILITARY DEFENSE OF THE STATE"               Running in N.C. & S.C. in Relation
                       - Dec. 29th, 1860                                                to CS Government!





   Columbia June 7, 1861 - SC has                  The Collector of the Port of Georgetown,
 Seceded & Gov. Pickens Stops the                 S.C. Imprisoned on Charge of Treason!
Work of Building the State House!               ALS by SC Gov. F. W. Pickens June 7, 61


           CS "German Light Artillery" -                    7th S.C. Inf. - Pvt. John B. Allen 
     Capt. Bachman, Hampton Legion                 Describes the Battle of Manassas!




             ALS S.C. Gov. Pickens                                   Most Beautiful Excavated  
Re. Columbia Arsenal                                               Georgia Buckle   



 28th Ga. - Peterbsurg/Port Walthall            "Kirkwood Rangers" - S.C. Holcombe
      Battle Letter - May 24th, 1864              Legion Cavalry - Nice October 1861 Letter 
                                                                          with Cover Describing Camp in Richmond



    CS Enlistment Doc. - Batt. Pringle,              "The first year of the Independence
 James Is. - Lucas Battn. S.C. Hvy. Art.          of the State of S.C." - Military Comm.
                                                                                   Signed by Gov. Francis W. Pickens



         "Head Quarters Fort Moultrie                  Charleston ADVERSITY COVER - 
         March 23rd, 1861" ALS from                  Made from Title Page of Rare Book!
                CS Gen. R. S. Ripley



  Important Letter: The Georgia Secession               Southern Patriotism
     Convention Described by Participant                      Augusta, Georgia
  John F. Furman of S.C. - Jan. 17, 1861 -                       May 1st, 1860
             They Succeeded the 19th!

   Sandie Pendleton ALS - "Stonewall's                  S.C. Begins Its Honor Roll
   Man"  - Writing His Sister Nancy, He                           of Fallen Heroes
 Congratulates His Father on Becoming
    General - Mourns the Death of Gen.
       Johnston - 4 Pgs, Signed Twice!


 Letter by Fiery Secessionist R. B. Rhett        1st Va. Cav. - Written from New Market
  Jr, Just After the Battle of Bull Run! -        Great Content Mentions Col. Pendleton!

    These 2 Men did more to Influence            

    the Secession of S.C. than perhaps
                   any other family!



 Citadel Cadets Granted Permission by                Arming the C.S.S. Nashville
S.C. Gov. to Go to VA. During Summer
     Vacation to Train Raw CS Vols.!       



       48th Miss. Inf. - Best Description                  CS Genl. R. S. Garnett, War Date
       of Trading with the Enemy - A. J.               Document - First Genl. Killed in the              
              Jones, W.I.A. Gettysburg                            Civil War!  - Manassas Related
                                                                                                       May 28th, 1861



        4th N.C. Inf. - Capt. Wm. Marsh who                  CS Lt. Col. Frank H. Langley's
  Would Die at Antietam Writes Great Content            Old First Virginia Colorful 

about the Richmond
Campaign - Describes the                          Broadside
   Death of Capt. T. Blount at Gaines' Mill, Va.

         Future 8th TX. Cav., "Texas Ranger"                Letter from Lt. W. G. Atkinson, CS  
   Isaac Fulkerson Describes
Charleston, S.C.         Engineer Sending Gen. Beauregard
   as the City
Prepares to Fire on Fort Sumter -      Maps from Manassas, July 5th, 1861!

            An Amazing Descriptive Letter!

        Important Letter by CS Congressman                     Letter & CDV - Illustrated London
     Wm. Porcher Miles - WRITING SC GOV.                News Correspondent Frank Vizetelly
     BONHAM CLARIFIES GOVERNMENTS                  who Traveled with J.E.B. Hd. Qrters.

                Fort Sumter Dec. 16, 1864                            Jan. 1861 Charleston Broadside
          Actual Letter Re. the Conduct of                 by R. Semmes, Office of Light-House
       CS Gen. R. S. Ripley at Fort Sumter!           Board, U.S. Treasury Dept... Before He

                                                                                    Joins the Confederacy! Along with War -
                                                                                     Date Autograph as Captain in CS Navy!


  CONFEDERATE NAVAL COMMISSION -             Large War-Date Autograph of CS
    PRINTED IN ENGLAND FOR THE                            
  General B. H. Robertson   
          OFFICIAL RECORDS) BY THE            
                 UNION BLOCKADE                                  




     CS Navy Commander John Newland                 Interesting Letter Re. Genl.
       Maffitt War Date ALS - One of the              Beauregard Visiting Fort Sumter,
    Confederacies Most Colorful Officers!         July 1863 - Written by His Brother
                                                                                       and Aide, A. N. T. Beauregard


  2nd Tenn. Inf. Letter - Describes Killing a         Confederacy Orders Uniforms
  Giant Eagle with 7 1/2 Wingspan! - THIS                         from England   
      Writer gives long description of what
               to do with hated Yankees!

   War Date Hood's Texas Brig. Letter             11th Alabama 6 Pg Soldier's Letter
Written by Famous Author J. B. Polley,         Near Fredericksburg May 19, 1863
        Who Wrote the Most Famous
         Confederate Unit Histories!



       Rockbridge Art. Letter - "Dr. Dabney         Our Finest CS Broadside: SUTLER
     preached for us here after the battle.               OF EARLY'S DIVISION, W. P.

  The Chaplains in each regt. preached the          ELIASON - GOODS FOR SALE

    same day. Gen. Jackson attended ours.
  He stood up the whole time.  I suppose he
 was afraid he would go to sleep." - Thomas
M. Wade (Became Mayor of Lexington, Va.!)


 CS Texas Broadside - By Col. John S. "Rip"               Confederate Sheet Music
Ford, The Texan who Fought the Last Battle       "Confederacy March, Dedicated
  of the Civil War at Palmito Ranch, Where             to President Jefferson Davis"
  he Refused to Surrender to Negro Troops               

        CS Cover - Chester C.H., S.C. -                         CDV of CS Gen. James Simons
     Sent to Wm. Henry Gist, Leader
   of the Secession Movement in S.C.!

        8th Ga./Hampton Legion Cav.                       Palmetto Guard - P.P. Gaillard 
         Our Best CS Patriotic/Letter                  Seeks Permission to Join the Palmetto

         Combination - REMEMBER                        Guard in Kershaw's Regt. in Va.
       BARTOW  - Battle of Bull Run


     CS General W. D. Pender "A                           12th Miss. Soldier Writes from
  Signature Impossible to Obtain"                Frederick, Md. - Captured Stationary
        Cover Signed to His Wife

      4th Va. Inf. LIBERTY HALL VOLS. -                  Confederate General R. S. Ripley
        POW Letter & Cover from Point                   Writes from Charleston, S.C. on Rare
, MD. - Thomas M. Turner,                 "Head Quarters Provisional Forces"
              Captured at Gettysburg
                                  Stationary - October 5th, 1861

    37th N.C. Inf. - Felix J. Williams (KIA             Equipping the Beaufort, SC Artillery  
 Chancellorsville) Writes Home Using the                
   the Most Colorful & Unique Stationary!

      Stonewall Jackson's Coconut Drinking               4th Alabama - Hood's Brigade
      Cup - The Amazing True Story how he                   Chickamauga Battle Letter

       got it! - A Letter Out of Gen. Fitz Lee's
         Collection - Now, Where's the Cup?

              Amazing 1911 CS Philatelic                            Rare Fort Sumter CSA Order
                       Society Program                                  May 19th, 1863 - Praising the Men
                                                                                       Who Have Served on Fort Sumter
                                                                                           & Ordering the Inscription of
                                                                                             their Service on their Flags

        18th Va. Inf. - Richard Ferguson                6th Va. Cav. - Archibald Clarke of
            (Garnett's Div.) Captured in 
            Loudoun Co., Va. - Fort Delaware Letter,
        Pickett's Charge - Writes 7/15/63       Examined Cover & Rare Ft. Delaware Docs
                    from Fort Delaware

  38th AL. Inf. - John W. Wilson Writes Home -           2nd Tenn. Inf. - CS Soldier Letter
 Nice Stamped CS Envelope with Chattanooga,      Announcing the Death of Gen. Leonidas
TN. July 9, 1863 Cancellation - "The Yankees       Polk at Pine Mountain, Ga. June 14, 1864
       throwed their shells at us pretty thick,             
                one burst in ten feet of me."



 6th Ark. Inf. Letter & Fine Envelope with            Sherman is Advancing & a Fear Mother
     Stamps & Chattanooga Cancellation -            Writes her Son in the 1st Ga. State Troops -
              "Camp Matty Runnels, Tn."
                     She will soon have to move & hopes to see
                                                                                           her Son in Heaven + Great Adversity
                                                                                               Cover Made from Printed Form

    58th N.C. (Partisan Rangers) - Letter &                38th AL. CS Letter & Stamped Cover
  Stamped Cover from Moses E. Thompson -       Battle of Missionary Ridge "We saved our
     Would be Wounded 2 Months Later at           lives by running through a perfect shower
       the Battle of Chickamauga - Written            of musket & rifle balls" - Camp Near Dalton,
               on Ornate "Necessity" Paper
                     Ga. Dec. 9th, 1863 - Died before he could
                                                                                                 come home to his wife & babes

      Famous Southerners Write President                          Plight of Blacks During
     Buchanan to Appoint Henry Laurence                   Reconstruction: "My servant
        Ingraham to the U.S. Marine Corps -                 who left me...desire to return to
     Signed by Wm. Porcher Miles, William                     their old home" - Important
 Water Boyce, Laurence M. Keitt + 3 Others                       Letter from Alabama


 CS Letter & TURNED COVER - Pvt. Warren          54th Ga. Wm. Reddish Co B Writes
  Ward, 1st Battalion Ga. Sharp Shooters -         from Jonesboro, Ga. Sept. 16th, 1864
       "IN LINE OF BATTLE, ATLANTA"                Ten Day Armistice, Sherman Demands
                                                                                                all Citizens out of Atlanta!



    Former CS Gen. Alexander ALS - Writes from              6th Ark. CSA - Priv. Thompson
"South Island" near Georgetown, S.C. - Military      Describes trip on several rivers in Ark
   Comments about Cavalry to Writer Robert U.         to join the Regt. in Sept. 1861 - With
      Johnson, Editor of Battles and Leaders            Great Cover: Defaced Washington & Paid
                                                                                            10 Hamburg, Ark. Sep. 11 ('61) Postmark

            Important Letter by Col. Aldrich                     38th AL. - Battle of Fort Morgan, AL.
       to Gov. Bonham Re. the State of S.C.'s                            Later Killed in Action!  
        in Blockade Running & its use of the
      Blockade Runner Alice & Fannie of the 
       Bee Line Shipping Co. - Also Discusses 
            N.C.'s The Advance & Petersburg


       In Feb. '61 The "Spartan Riflemen"                       CS Immortal 600 - Letter Written by Va.
             - Train on Sullivan's Island!                               Cav. Major Murray - Amazing Content!

   19th AL. - Treadwell Writes "Camp near                   19th Al. Inf. "Camp near Corinth, Miss"
             Tupelo on Mobile & Ohio R.R."                         3/18/1862 - 6 Full Pgs from E. Treadwell
                                                                                        "We had a battle in Ark. the other day.  We got
                                                                                             the best of it.  Price had cut off the enemies
                                                                                                     baggage and Pike was on the other
                                                                                                            side with 6,000 Indians..."

   19th Al. Inf. - "Camp of Hoods Corps between                 7th Al. Inf. - 4 Letters from Dupree:
 Cartersville & Altoona, Ga. May 22nd, 64" - "I               Warrington, FL. 9/8/61, Corinth, Miss.
   have been in some warn & dangerous places         5/11/62, Tupelo, Miss. 6/9/62, & Corinth, Miss.
   but still live while others have fell nearby to             5/26/62 - "We had a little battle on the 9th
  rise no more."  - "IF I HAD OF KNOWN THAT            & took 800 prisoners & killed good many."
     OUR COUNTRY WAS GOING TO BE LEFT         "The Yankees shot all around me but they could
    WITH THE ENEMY I SHOULD HAVE BEEN            not hit me" - They shoot at us a half a mile
                         LAST TO LEAVE IT."                                               & killed several of our men."

       CS Engineers Letter - Lt. B. L. Blackford -             3rd TX. Cav. - Cover & Letter from Douglas
       Norfolk, Va. Dec. 30th, 1861 - Excellent              John Cater, Rusk County, Tx. - Writing from
descriptions of Negroes digging up shells while          Itawamba Co., Miss. Cater Describes Two
   still hot, Fortress Monroe, Gala Parties, etc
.                         Cavalry Battles near Corinth


   19th AL. Inf. - Corinth, Miss.  3/26/1862                 Remarkable CS CDV, Signed on the Front -
 - Preparing for the Battle of Shiloh - "Our               Lt. James Daviess, 5th KY. Cav. Dukes Brig, 
  Blacksmiths are engaged in making pikes"          Morgan's Div., Wheeler's Corps, Army of Tenn.    
  "Gen. Beauregard is gathering up all the
   church bells he an get to make cannons"
 - An Amazing Content Letter by a Hospital
   Worker, who describes in Graphic Detail
             the Sick & Wounded Soldiers