Confederate Items

Confederate Navy Department Stationery – CS Surgeon Daniel B. Conrad, Stationed in Manassas, Va. is to Report to His New Duty – Signed by Franklin Buchanan – Later in the War after both Conrad & Buchanan were Captured at Mobile Bay, Conrad would Save Buchanan’s Leg from Amputation!

Confederate Soldier’s Letter – Drewry’s Bluff Battery April 7th, 1862 – “We have a good many Negros working on the battery… We have two 8 inch Columbiads and the balls weight 64 pounds” – Great Line about their Bread: “When it is a day or two old it is hard enough to knock a male cow off a bridge.”

The 10th, 12th & 16th Mississippi Vols. Order Shoes (Brogans) from a Fancy New Orleans Dealer – Great Stationery!

The Manassas Battle Letter of Surgeon Erwin J. Eldridge 16th Georgia Infantry

Appointment of Chief Surgeon in Confederate General Cheathams Division, Army of Tennessee – On Beautiful “Head Quarters, Army of Tennessee” Stationery 

Confederate Pass – Macon, Ga. January 13th, 1865 – Lt. Clarence C. Malone, 10th Tennessee Infantry – By Command of Brig. Gen. W. W. MacKall 

12th Ga. Confederate Officers Pay Voucher – Captain Mark Harden from Blandford, Ga. – Went on to Serve in 2nd Confederate Congress & a Justice in the Supreme Court of Georgia 

Confederate Secessionist (Baltimore Issued) “Don’t Tread on Me” & “We Know Our Rights” Patriotic Card 

Great Confederate Medical Item: The Surgeon General of South Carolina, Robert Wilson Gibbes Tells off the Editor of Leslie’s Illustrated! 

Civil War Confederate Blockade Runner Bond – This one from the Charleston Importing and Exporting Company – Signed by the President of the Company Henry Cobia

Confederate General Thomas Jordan Writes from “Head Quarters, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac, Fairfax Court-House October 14th, 1861”

Confederate Soldier’s Letter – 62nd Tennessee Infantry – President Davis, Senator Cobb, Governor Harris and General Hood all made speeches to us 

Confederate Postal History - 5 Cent Green, Lynchburg, Va. 1862 - Addressed to 1st Virginia Brigade, Lt. James H. Langhorne, 4th Reg. Virginia Volunteers, Manassas Junction, Va. - THE FAMOUS LIBERTY HALL VOLUNTEERS