Confederate Items

13th Alabama Surgeon Henry M. Clarkson Writes from Gettysburg, Pa. on July 4th, 1863 - He Cared for Wounded Confederate Soldiers in THE MCPHERSON BARN!

irsthand Account of the Battle of Port Hudson – By a Sailor on the USS Mississippi, along with Famous Prang Print of the Battle

10th Virginia Infantry Letter - G. B. Samuels Gives Young Lady "A Yankee Skull"

4th Alabama Confederate Letter by Lt. John L. Kunzie, Gordonsville, Va. May 1st, 1864 - "Reviewed by Uncle Bob Lee"

Blockade Running Letters & Documents

S.C. Palmetto Sharp Shooter
Letter: Pickets Talk to Enemy!

      CS Troops in Charleston Get Equipped -Rare Stationery!

French Man-of-War Arrives in Charleston Harbor - Gives Intelligence to the South!!!

Most Beautiful Excavated Georgia Buckle

"Kirkwood Rangers" - S.C. Holcombe
Legion Cavalry - Nice October 1861 Letter with Cover Describing Camp in Richmond

Arming the C.S.S. Nashville

S.C. Begins Its Honor Roll of Fallen Heroes

Confederacy Orders Uniforms from England

8th Ga./Hampton Legion Cav. Our Best CS Patriotic/Letter Combination - REMEMBER BARTOW  - Battle of Bull Run

12th Miss. Soldier Writes from Frederick, Md. - Captured Stationery

POW Letter & Cover from Point Lookout, MD. - Thomas M. Turner, Captured at Gettysburg

Confederate General R. S. Ripley Writes from Charleston, S.C. on Rare "Head Quarters Provisional Forces" Stationery - October 5th, 1861

37th N.C. Inf. - Felix J. Williams (KIA
Chancellorsville) Writes Home Using the Most Colorful & Unique Stationery!

CS Letter & TURNED COVER - Pvt. Warren Ward, 1st Battalion Ga. Sharp Shooters - "IN LINE OF BATTLE, ATLANTA"

54th Ga. Wm. Reddish Co B Writes from Jonesboro, Ga. Sept. 16th, 1864 Ten Day Armistice, Sherman Demands
all Citizens out of Atlanta!

Important Letter by Col. Aldrich to Gov. Bonham Re. the State of S.C.'s in Blockade Running & its use of the Blockade Runner Alice & Fannie of the Bee Line Shipping Co. - Also Discusses N.C.'s The Advance & Petersburg

4th Alabama - Hood's Brigade Chickamauga Battle Letter

Letter from Lt. W. G. Atkinson, CS Engineer Sending Gen. Beauregard Maps from Manassas, July 5th, 1861!

18th Va. Inf. - Richard Ferguson (Garnett's Div.) Captured in Pickett's Charge - Writes 7/15/63 from Fort Delaware

48th Miss. Inf. - Best Description of Trading with the Enemy - A. J. Jones, W.I.A. Gettysburg  

"The first year of the Independence of the State of S.C." - Military Comm. Signed by Gov. Francis W. Pickens

19th AL. Inf. - Corinth, Miss.  3/26/1862 - Preparing for the Battle of Shiloh - "Our Blacksmiths are engaged in making pikes" "Gen. Beauregard is gathering up all the church bells he an get to make cannons" - An Amazing Content Letter by a Hospital Worker, who describes in Graphic Detail the Sick & Wounded Soldiers