In Early War Charleston, S.C., Col. Lemuel M. Hatch of the South Carolina Militia Writes to Gen. Beauregard Regarding the North’s Preparations for War – Great Content
Interestingly, there is a small clipping that was found with this letter stating “This fine letter was printed in THE COLLECTOR of December 1916”!!!

Col. Hatch states:

• “I have just heard from N.Y. by letter from a cool, clear-headed Southern man from our city, now a resident of N.Y. He fears want of preparation on our part & says that the soldiers he sees are well-drilled up to the Zouave standard. They think it is a flock or covey of partridges that they are coming against. They keep up the impression that none of the Army officers have resigned & that we have no leaders. He says it we can only act on the defensive for a time that their first furor will have passed away and he thinks never to return again. He urges, however, the most earnest preparation in all that concerns the placing of ourselves in full strength before then when we do most them.”

• “Black Republicans do not respond. Their ranks are filled with Democrats, many of them quite young.”

• “Massachusetts… had ordered from Europe 500 Rifled Cannon. He heard Horace Greely say that they would abolitionized No. car. May not Cavalry become necessary in the eastern part of No. Car., if they try to carry out such a plan?”

• “W. L Henney, an honest man, good artillerist & fine mechanic, says he can rifle our brass field pieces & that they will stand it. He made fuses for Ripley, will make percussion caps or anything of the kind. We have several men as good in their way as Lopez. Eason is nearly ready to rifle some 24 pounders.”

• “Horace Greely conversation was a private one, overheard I know, that giving such scraps of thoughts to any one in the hopes that they may be of service is like giving a scale to Agassiz & asking him to describe the fish.”

We found Col. L. M. Hatch in the book, The Siege of Charleston, by E. Milby Burton, on page 63, where it states: “Beauregard, therefore, instructed Col. L. M. Hatch to place obstructions in several of the navigable channels.” It is interesting that this letter sold on an autograph dealers list (where it mentions about it being printed in The Collector) for $5 back in the 1930’s when at that time Lee letters were selling for $10!

#HC189 - Price $395