Civil War Documents

One of the Only Confederate Paroles you will ever see from the Gettysburg Campaign – As the Confederates entered Pennsylvania the 20th Pa. “Emergency Militia” encountered Major General Jubel Early’s forces, Under Gen. John B. Gordon at Wrightsville, Pa., SEVERAL WERE CAPTURED & ISSUED PAROLES: THIS IS ONE OF THEM! - The Militia in Burning the Bridge Over the Susquehanna, Saved the Capitol of Harrisburg from the Confederates!

Important Confederate Telegram Regarding the Famous Confederate Submarines, or “Torpedo Boats”

Pass Issued by Gen. McClellan & Signed by James A. Hardie – To the “Picnic” at the Battle of Bull Run!

Song Sheet/ Writing Paper – Battle of Cedar Creek, October 19th, 1864 – By C. A. Savage, Co. K, 8th Indiana

Song Sheet – “Sherman’s Campaign, ’64-65. Words by G. P. Hardwick” – Multi Color with 6 Different Corps Badges at the Top

1st New Jersey Brigade Broadside – Col. A. T. A. Torbet Thanks His Soldiers for their Victory at Crampton’s Pass, Md. – September 14th, 1862 – “Your advance in line of battle, under a galling artillery fire and final bayonet charge, was a feet seldom if ever surpassed.”

79th Regiment New York “Highlanders” Recruiting Document… A Really Cool Item!

Rare Confederate Broadside Showing 10 Star Confederate Flag - Printed Just After the Firing on Fort Sumter – Crude Printing, “Southern Yankee Doodle”

Document of “Property Taken, Destroyed or Injured During the Morgan Raid through Ohio in July 1863”  

The Most Desired Civil War Document: The Appomattox Court House Parole – This One from a Soldier in the Famed Richmond Howitzers

Chasing Morgan’s Raiders – Actual Order from Col. Thomas Pattison from Aurora, Indiana Dated July 13th, 1863 – Writing to Gen. Mahlon D. Manson Giving Him the Location of Morgan’s Raiders!

Oath of Allegiance from Campbellton, Ga.

State of Georgia Commission for 1st Lieut. Henry D. Beman of the “Beman Mounted Infantry” – A Local Defense Unit Raised to Repel Sherman’s March to the Sea!

“Headquarters U.S. Forces, Johnson’s Island and Sandusky” – Document Furnishing Transportation Home

Georgia Civil War Commission Signed by Governor Joseph E. Brown – July 7th, 1862

An Amazing Broadside: 1863 “Johnson’s New Chart of National Emblems” – You’ve Got to See What They Include! 

Great Example of Ohio’s “Squirrel Hunters Discharge” with the Seldom Seen Letter from Governor Tod that came with it

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - One of the Most Famous Passes from the Army of the Potomac "Head Quarters Military Department of Washington, July 15th, 1861"... With an Enormous Ink Signature of DRAKE DE KAY, Aide de Camp to General Mansfield

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - The Governor of Wisconsin Alexander W. Randall Orders Harper's Ferry M 1855 Rifles & Sword Bayonets to be Sent to Madison - Document Signed by D. Murphy of the Harper's Ferry Arsenal

   STOLEN 8/13/17   - Attorney's Appointment to Practice Law in the "Independent" State of S.C., May 7th, 1861 - Great Looking Doc.