Civil War Documents

Vicksburg, Mississippi Parole for Thomas L. Tunnell, 43rd Mississippi Infantry

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - One of the Most Famous Passes from the Army of the Potomac "Head Quarters Military Department of Washington, July 15th, 1861"... With an Enormous Ink Signature of DRAKE DE KAY, Aide de Camp to General Mansfield

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - The Governor of Wisconsin Alexander W. Randall Orders Harper's Ferry M 1855 Rifles & Sword Bayonets to be Sent to Madison - Document Signed by D. Murphy of the Harper's Ferry Arsenal

Recruiting Circular for the Famous "People's Ellsworth Regiment" Along with the Patriotic "Remember Ellsworth" Envelope it was mailed in!

Printed Pass "Head Quarters Vermont Brigade" - After the Union Took Over THE LAST CAPITAL OF THE CONFEDERACY: DANVILLE, VA.

Great Document for the 95th Pennsylvania, Gosline Zouaves Collector – Actually Signed by Gosline!

War Date Document, "Stevensburg, Virginia Dec. 10th, 1863" Signed by Major Williams Wells, Commanding the 1st Vermont Cavalry - MEDAL OF HONOR GETTYSBURG

Ellsworth Zouave Corps Broadside Advertising an Exhibition Drill, September 12th, 1861

J. E. B. Stuart's Cavalry - Special Order to "Procure" Horses in place of those killed IN THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG - Signed by H. B. McClellan & W. H. Taylor

The Rare Confederate States of America VICKSBURG PAROLE

Autograph of Lt. Thomas W. Custer - THE FIRST TWO TIME RECIPIENT OF THE MEDAL OF HONOR! - He was Killed with his Brother George at the Little Big Horn

French Man-of-War Arrives in Charleston Harbor - Gives Intelligence to the South!!!

S.C. Begins Its Honor Roll
of Fallen Heroes

Document Signed by MOH Recipient Capt. MacArthur, Jr. - He & his son Douglas BOTH received the MOH! - Writes Famous Fort Brigader Sutler W. A. Carter

U.S. Cav. Gen. Thomas C. Devin Broadside Congratulating His Troops!

   STOLEN 8/13/17   - Attorney's Appointment to Practice Law in the "Independent" State of S.C., May 7th, 1861 - Great Looking Doc.

1st S.C. Commission Signed by Gov. Pickens, Along with 4 Nice Items

"The first year of the Independence of the State of S.C." - Military Comm.  Signed by Gov. Francis W. Pickens

CS Document - Charleston, S.C. March 25th, 1862 - Sabre Belts for the German Hussars - 3rd S.C. Cav.