Civil War Artifacts

Our Favorite Civil War Presentation Sword – 95th PA. “Gosline Zouaves” – Lieut. Edwin McEwen

Presentation Ames Staff and Field Sword from the Famous 1st Vermont Cavalry – Lt. W. J. Clark – Captured by Ashby in the Valley at Middletown, Va. 5/24/62 – Wounded in Mosby’s Catlett’s Wagon Train Raid 5/30/63

I.D. Disc or “Dog Tag” from the Famous 1st Maryland Potomac Home Brigade, Heavy Hit at Gettysburg!

Civil War Union CAVALRY Lieutenant’s Double Border Shoulder Straps

For the Uniform Insignia Collector… A Rare “Officer’s Rank Insignia, 1864” – Sold by Famous Military Outfitter Schuyler, Hartley and Graham, and so marked “S. H. & G.”

Beautiful Little Sharps Four Barrel Pistol with 99% Blue on the Barrel!

Civil War Soldiers Valentine with Envelope – Charles H. Lane 127th New York Infantry

Early Charleston, S.C. Police Button – 98% Gold

3 Items from the Confederate Veterans’ Reunion in Charleston, S.C., May 1899

Stunning Army of Northern Virginia “Reception and Banquet” Program – Louisiana Division, New Orleans, February 1891 – I.D. to E. St. Martin of the 8th Louisiana Regiment – (Check out the menu and the beautiful Confederate flag)

Nice Celluloid UCV Augusta, Ga. November 1903 Pin – Has 3 Beautiful Confederate Flags at its Center

5th Ohio Silver & Gold 12th Corps I.D. Pin – Listing 10 Battles!

Non Excavated Confederate Staff Button… Acclaimed to be the Most Beautiful of all Confederate Staffs, this CS204A1 (Albert’s CS4) is also the Finest Example we have Owned

The Carved Andersonville Prison Cane of J. T. Brown, a Private in Company C of the 70th New York Infantry (1st Regt. Sickles' Excelsior Brigade)

   STOLEN 8/13    - 2nd Corps Badge/I.D. Pin of Herbert T. Scribner, 19th Maine Infantry – A Hard Fought Gettysburg Unit

   STOLEN 8/13   - Set of Civil War Original "Union Cards" - Playing Cards with National Emblems, Uniforms, etc.

    STOLEN 8/13     - Inscribed Silver Corps Badge & Ambrotype of Capt. William H. Seamans - 3rd Mass. Cavalry

   STOLEN 8/13     -  Civil War Cavalry 2nd Lieutenant's Shoulder Straps with Beautiful Golden Yellow Velvet

Wonderful Pair of "Ohio Squirrel Hunter's" Discharge & Governor Tod's Letter

Silver I.D. Pin: Sergt. Lyman Wolcott 108th N.Y. Infantry - Enlisted on Aug. 6th, 1862 & just a month later his regiment suffered 150 causalities at the Battle of Antietam.  Lyman would go on to survive heavy loss at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville & Gettysburg before being wounded at Bristoe Station

185th New York Volunteers - The Christian Soldier's League I.D. Disc/Medal - THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE EVER SEEN

   STOLEN 8/13    - Col. E. E. Ellsworth Training Manual, LIGHT INFANTRY DRILL, Arranged for the U.S. Zouaves

Rare & Colorful - Ellsworth Zouave Membership Certificate

Artist James Hope - Admission Ticket to his Masterpiece “Army of the Potomac”

12th Corps Badge with 90+% Original Red Paint

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - Attorney's Appointment to Practice Law in the "Independent" State of S.C., May 7th, 1861 - Great Looking Doc.

      STOLEN 8/13    - Two Reunion Invitations: Washington Light Infantry (Charleston), 1888? & Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, San Francisco 1892

    STOLEN 8/13    - The Finest Embroidered Officers Hat Insignia - From a Medical Officer Collection