Civil War Artifacts

Civil War Cavalry 2nd Lieutenant's Shoulder Straps with Beautiful Golden Yellow Velvet

Actual Commission Appointing Washington Middler as a Delegate in the U.S. Christian Commission along with Several Passes, his Christian Commission Official Pin & his Photograph

One of the Most Beautiful, High-Quality Confederate South Carolina, Two-Piece Sword Belt Plates, Imported from England & Having a Wonderful Never Cleaned Patina

Wonderful Pair of "Ohio Squirrel Hunter's" Discharge & Governor Tod's Letter

Pair of Civil War Large Size, Double Border Infantry Lieutenant's Shoulder Straps

Beautiful Confederate Sheet Music Printed in Augusta, Georgia: GOD SAVE THE SOUTH!  - Often referred to as the Confederate National Anthem

Rare Confederate Navy Button CS 60, Large Crossed Cannons with "CN" & Marked on Reverse "Courtney & Tennent/Charleston SC/Manton's Patent"

8 Wonderful "Relics" from the Soldiers Album of Edward O. Paull, Co. F, 1st Mass. Infantry

Silver I.D. Pin: Sergt. Lyman Wolcott 108th N.Y. Infantry - Enlisted on Aug. 6th, 1862 & just a month later his regiment suffered 150 causalities at the Battle of Antietam.  Lyman would go on to survive heavy loss at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville & Gettysburg before being wounded at Bristoe Station

185th New York Volunteers - The Christian Soldier's League I.D. Disc/Medal - THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE EVER SEEN

5 Non-Excavated Large Size Eagle "I" Buttons - All Matching Off of a Civil War Coat

Col. E. E. Ellsworth Training Manual, LIGHT INFANTRY DRILL, Arranged for the U.S. Zouaves

Rare 1863 Masonic Badge from the 43rd "Tiger" Regt. Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry - Newbern, N.C.

Rare & Colorful - Ellsworth Zouave Membership Certificate

Wonderful 11th Wisconsin Grouping of Colonel Charles L. Harris

One of the Rarest Examples of Civil War I.D. Disc's or "Dog Tags" - The Paper Tag Issued by the U.S. Christian Commission - Samuel B. Stiffler, Co. B 13th Indiana

Pair of Civil War Cavalry Captain's Shoulder Straps

S.C. Commission - Signed by Witherspoon, Col. 21st S.C. Militia & by Gov. Francis Pickens

Rare Buffalo Soldier Printed Orders - Broadside Style with Black Mourning Border - Announcing the Death of their Famous Leader Col. Van Vliet

New York Times Correspondent Writes upon Entering Richmond - He Uses a Confederate Bond to Write on!

Artist James Hope - Admission Ticket to his Masterpiece “Army of the Potomac”

12th Corps Badge with 90+% Original Red Paint

Attorney's Appointment to Practice Law in the "Independent" State of S.C., May 7th, 1861 - Great Looking Doc.

Broadside Issued by Massachusetts Governor Nathaniel P. Banks, for "A Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer" - Dec. 21st, 1860... THE DAY AFTER SOUTH CAROLINA HAS SECEDED FROM THE UNION!

Colorful 5th U.S. Cavalry Patriotic Sheet Music

Two Reunion Invitations: Washington Light Infantry (Charleston), 1888? & Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, San Francisco 1892