CHASING THE CSS FLORIDA – She is spotted in Havana, Cuba – Robert W. Shufelt, U. S. Consul General Writes to U. S. N. Commander T. H. Stevens – January 25th, 1863
The CSS Florida under Captain John N. Maffitt captured 37 prizes during her impressive career. She was the first of the Confederate privateering vessels and was built in Liverpool.

Robert Wilson Shufelt a Navy Officer was serving as the U.S. Consul General in Havana when he w250 rote this letter to Commander Stevens. Here is the great content:

                                                             U. S. Consulate General
                                                              Havana. Jany 25, 1863.

Commndr. T. H. Stevens. U. S. N.

Sir, I give you the following information for what it may be worth.

"In conversation with a person today who was with on board of the "Florida" when in the post of Havana I learn that the Chief Engineer of the Florida told said informant that the voyage of the Steamer was along the North Coast of Cuba for the purpose of destroying American Shipping, thence to run the blockade or force the way into Charleston. My informant was an Engineer whose services the Chief Engineer wished to engage, they having been previously acquainted, etc., etc."

The above was addressed to our Consult at Matanzas by a person in whom he has some confidence.

                                          I am Respectfully
                                          Your Obdt. Servt.
                                          R. W. Shufeldt

The letter is one page (great for display with a picture of the CSS Florida), written in nice dark ink, in fine condition.

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