Charleston, South Carolina Items

Blockade Running Letters & Documents

Letter - SOUTH CAROLINA ON THE EVE OF SECESSION - Edgefield District, S.C. Nov. 22, 1860 - Written to Future CS General Martin W. Gary

An Historic Document from Charleston, S.C. - Signed by Mayor Charles MacBeth, who Surrendered Charleston on Feb. 18th, 1865 to Lt. Col. A. G. Bennett of the 21st U.S. Colored Troops

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - Confederate Letter by Colonel Edward Manigault, in Charge of Ordnance in Charleston, S.C. – Enfield Rifles through the Blockade going to the Citadel

   STOLEN 8/13   - "Flag Ship New Ironsides, Charleston Harbor, S.C., April 8th, 1863" - Letter Signed by Rear Admiral S. F. Du Pont + CDV of Him + THE FINEST CDV WE HAVE SEEN OF THE SHIP NEW IRONSIDES! - The Most Powerful Ship in the U.S. Navy!

The A.D.C. of General Beauregard, Joseph J. Legare, Writes the General from Charleston, S.C. on June 19th, 1861 - Beauregard is up at Manassas & Legare Sends some FASCINATING Information to him!

Important Letter from Gabriel E. Manigault to S.C. Gov. F. W. Pickens Re. the Defenses of Charleston in the Importance of Better Securing Morris Island... JUST GREAT CONTENT... HIS HOME OPEN TO THE PUBLIC IS ACROSS FROM THE CHARLESTON VISITOR CENTER! - On the Reverse of the Letter is a Docket all in the hand of Gov. Pickens

18th S.C. Infantry Letter from Sullivan's Island with Envelope & Nice 5 Cent CSA 1 Green Jeff Davis Stamp & Perfect Charleston Cancellation

Famous Charleston Lawyer W. F. Colcock Describes Charleston's Conditions in Jan/1862

CS Secretary of War James A. Seddon Writes on Official War Dept. Stationery Topic: BLOCKADE RUNNING!

Setting Up Early Artillery Defenses Charleston October 1861

Shipping Arms from the Citadel in Charleston to the Arsenal in Columbia

N.B. Porter, President of the Senate Confirms Gen. Dunovant & Col. Riplet - Jan. 28, 1861

Pre-Civil War Charleston Cover with "Ravenel & Co." Hand Stamp

Amazing S.C. Letter Re. Secession - Can you help us figure out the S.C. town and who wrote it?  

Arming & Equipping the S.C. Troops - October 1861

Order Given by Gen. Ripley Charleston July 23, 1863: Gen. DeSaussure S.C. militia will assume command of the troops in the city

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - Attorney's Appointment to Practice Law in the "Independent" State of S.C., May 7th, 1861 - Great Looking Doc.!

War of 1812 - Ship Embargo in Charleston, S.C. May 20th, 1812

Capt. of the U.S.S. John Adams Off Charleston, S.C. Lays Out the Trap to Catch Confederate Blockade Runners

1861 Charleston Letter & Cover  - Talks of Getting Supplies through the Blockade!

In 1850 Union Engineer Alexander H. Bowman is asked to speak at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, to be held in Charleston in 1851 - Bowman was the Engineer who constructed Fort Sumter - In 1861 he supported the North... as Superintendent of West Point!

State of S.C. "Captured" Commission - The 149th N.Y. Have Some Fun with an Official CS Form!

Pair of Anthony Stereoviews of the "Ruins of Central Hall, Char. S.C. Effects of the Great Fire in 1862" & the Ruins of the Circular Church & Sec. Hall with St. Michael's Church in the Background - Brady Negative