Charleston, South Carolina Items

Confederate Imprint: Miller’s Planters’ & Merchants’ STATE RIGHTS ALMANAC FOR 1863 – An Amazing Source Listing the Entire Government of the Confederate States, All the Officers of the Courts, Commissioners, Military Schools, Colleges… Even Every Member of the Police in the City of Charleston… All the Charleston Bank Officers, Rail Road Officers… 30 Pages of Reference Material + Listing of Battle Victories, etc. – A Wealth of Information! 

U.S. Steamer Augusta Off Charleston, May 22nd, 1863 – Letter from Pardon Spencer – Great Description of the Union Ironclad “Little Monitors”, Capturing a “Contraband” & Chasing Blockade Runners. At Port Royal: “I saw one white woman the last time I was there. She had only one eye and perhaps a wooden leg.”

U.S. Steamer Augusta, South Atlantic Blockading Squadron Off Charleston, S.C. – Fighting the Confederate Ironclads Chicora & Palmetto State, “We received one 9 inch shell through our vessel… the shot and shell flew around us for a time.” 

An Amazing Relic Found in Charleston, S.C. after Hurricane Hugo in September 1989 - Has to do with Surgeon John Drayton “In charge of Negro laborers on James Island”

Letter by J. B. Witherspoon Phillips, Company A 18th Battalion, South Carolina Artillery – His Beautiful Uniform is Pictured All Over the Internet!

War Date Letter from South Carolina General Wilmot Gibbes De Saussure - Written on Official State of South Carolina Executive Office Stationery - Docketed on the back by Governor Pickens

In Early War Charleston, S.C., Col. Lemuel M. Hatch of the South Carolina Militia Writes to Gen. Beauregard Regarding the North’s Preparations for War – Great Content

Important War Date ALS of Union General George H. Gordon Regarding THE SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THE FIGHT FOR CHARLESTON'S FORT SUMTER AND THE USE OF COLORED TROOPS! - Folly Island, S.C. May 26th, 1864

Palmetto Guard P. P. Gaillard Seeks Permission to Join the Palmetto Guard in Kershaw's Regiment in Virginia

17th South Carolina Volunteers - Starting the Cadet Riflemen Company by Capt. William S. Elliott, June 18th, 1860 Charleston, S.C.

Charleston, S.C. Advertising Broadside: Terpsichore Hall – Madame Feugas’ Dancing & Waltzing Academy – Lists Rules for Gentleman!

Soldier in S.C. Militia Gives a Great Summary of Deteriorating Conditions in Charleston, S.C. – “I have but 2 shirts to my name at present, & they are on the eve of dissolution or secession to use the term applicable to the order of the day”

A Circuit Preacher who Regularly Preaches to the Warren Rifleman Asks General Beauregard for a “Passport” for the Manassas Gap Railroad – BEAUREGARD WRITES A NOTE ON THE REVERSE!


Our Collection of 8 Silver Spoons Showing the Different Silversmiths in Charleston, S.C. – Each Stamped with the Silversmiths Name

Letter - SOUTH CAROLINA ON THE EVE OF SECESSION - Edgefield District, S.C. Nov. 22, 1860 - Written to Future CS General Martin W. Gary

An Historic Document from Charleston, S.C. - Signed by Mayor Charles MacBeth, who Surrendered Charleston on Feb. 18th, 1865 to Lt. Col. A. G. Bennett of the 21st U.S. Colored Troops

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - Confederate Letter by Colonel Edward Manigault, in Charge of Ordnance in Charleston, S.C. – Enfield Rifles through the Blockade going to the Citadel

   STOLEN 8/13   - "Flag Ship New Ironsides, Charleston Harbor, S.C., April 8th, 1863" - Letter Signed by Rear Admiral S. F. Du Pont + CDV of Him + THE FINEST CDV WE HAVE SEEN OF THE SHIP NEW IRONSIDES! - The Most Powerful Ship in the U.S. Navy!

The A.D.C. of General Beauregard, Joseph J. Legare, Writes the General from Charleston, S.C. on June 19th, 1861 - Beauregard is up at Manassas & Legare Sends some FASCINATING Information to him!

Famous Charleston Lawyer W. F. Colcock Describes Charleston's Conditions in Jan/1862

Setting Up Early Artillery Defenses Charleston October 1861

Shipping Arms from the Citadel in Charleston to the Arsenal in Columbia

N.B. Porter, President of the Senate Confirms Gen. Dunovant & Col. Ripley - Jan. 28, 1861

Pre-Civil War Charleston Cover with "Ravenel & Co." Hand Stamp

Amazing S.C. Letter Re. Secession - Can you help us figure out the S.C. town and who wrote it?  

Arming & Equipping the S.C. Troops - October 1861

Order Given by Gen. Ripley Charleston July 23, 1863: Gen. DeSaussure S.C. militia will assume command of the troops in the city

   STOLEN 8/13/17    - Attorney's Appointment to Practice Law in the "Independent" State of S.C., May 7th, 1861 - Great Looking Doc.!

War of 1812 - Ship Embargo in Charleston, S.C. May 20th, 1812

Capt. of the U.S.S. John Adams Off Charleston, S.C. Lays Out the Trap to Catch Confederate Blockade Runners

1861 Charleston Letter & Cover  - Talks of Getting Supplies through the Blockade!

In 1850 Union Engineer Alexander H. Bowman is asked to speak at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, to be held in Charleston in 1851 - Bowman was the Engineer who constructed Fort Sumter - In 1861 he supported the North... as Superintendent of West Point!

State of S.C. "Captured" Commission - The 149th N.Y. Have Some Fun with an Official CS Form!

Pair of Anthony Stereoviews of the "Ruins of Central Hall, Char. S.C. Effects of the Great Fire in 1862" & the Ruins of the Circular Church & Sec. Hall with St. Michael's Church in the Background - Brady Negative

Book Written by Abner Doubleday, Reminiscences of Forts Sumter & Moultrie in 1860-61