Captain of the U.S.S. John Adams Off Charleston, S.C. Lays Out the Trap to Catch Confederate Blockade Runners

Offered is an excellent LS by Captain and Senior Officer J. F. Green.  The letter is headed: “U.S.S. ‘John Adams’ Off Morris Island, S.C. October 8th, 1864”.  Green writing to Thomas H. Patterson Commander of the U.S.S. James Adger goes over the best defensive plan to stop Confederate Blockade Runners.  If you are fascinated by the whole topic of “running the blockade” and the U.S. Navy’s response, here is a wonderful letter for you! 

U.S.S. “John Adams”
                                                                                               Off Morris Island, S.C.
                                                                                                            October 8th, 1864

                   Comdr. Thos. H. Patterson
                             Comdg. U.S.S. “James Adger”
Senior Officer Offshore Blockade

I have received your communication of yesterday’s date
with tracing of stations of outside Blockading Vessels.
           I would suggest the expediency of the “Adger” taking the
“Mingoe’s” Station, and the latter vessel being stationed to the
 Northward of Western Rattlesnake Buoy cruising in towards
the beach of Long Island, and the Wamsutta, as a picket to the
Eastward of the necks of the “Georgianna” etc. as far to the
Northward as she can lay at anchor with safely.  
           I am convinced that Maffitt’s channel is the thoroughfare
of Blockade running and when inward bound, they generally
double close around a shoal which extends out from Dewees
Inlet, and run in close along Long Island Beach.
           The propeller that ran in night before last was larger and
higher out of the water than the “Ladena”.  The side wheel
steamer that ran out was long, low and painted white.
           The army people say a steamer ran out last night, but I
am quite confident they are mistaken.  The alarm was false,
occasioned by the enemy throwing a shell rocket among our
picket boats.
            Please send inside at your convenience one of the outside
vessels at a time that have required Provisions and stores.
(Pontiac or Wamsutta)

                                                                          Very Respectfully
                                                                                   Your Obt. Servt.
                                                                                             J. F. Green
                                                                                             Capt. & Sen. Officer
                                                                                             Off Charleston

Letter is in excellent condition.

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