One of the Most Desirable Indian War Signatures to Obtain: Captain William Fetterman, KIA 12/21/1866 – This document is also signed by George W. Smith, who was killed by Apaches on 8/19/1881 – PLUS A FULL PAGE WRITTEN & SIGNED BY MAJ. GEN. GEORGE H. THOMAS!
Captain William Fetterman was killed with 80 of his men on December 21st, 1866. At that time it was the worst Indian military disaster. Fighting 1,000 Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho Indians, Fetterman and his men were found naked, scalped and mutilated.

George W. Smith Captain in the 18th Infantry in 1873 was 2nd Lieutenant in the 9th Cavalry and on August 19th, 1891, was killed by Apaches near McEwer’s Ranch, New Mexico.

The document measures 7 ½ x 7 ¾ inches. All the signatures are nice and dark and Fetterman’s is especially bold. There are a total of 7 signatures, and we have not looked up the history of the other 5. The subject matter concerns a court martial… the soldier was found innocent.   On the reverse, Major General George H. Thomas writes the settlement at Head Quarters 1st Division, Army of the Ohio, August 29th, 1862. Condition is very fine.

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