Great Example of Confederate Patriotic Stationery Showing Their 7 Star National Flag – Letter Sent from Graysburg, N.C. July 24th, 1861 Talking About the Recent Battle of Bull Run
This letter came from an old stamp collection and the collectors display page is also included. The red, white and blue colors on the flag are not faded and it displays wonderfully. The letter is 4 pages written in nice dark ink. Here are some of the great lines:

• “The Battle of Bull Run was fought fine, and the enemy sent in a white flag to get permission to bury the dead. But in place of so doing, what did the rascals go at? They went to throwing up breastworks which was no doubt the command of Scott’s, but Davis who is always wide awake and watching the movements of the enemy, caught them in the act and ordered this men to commence the battle which was very fatal on both sides.”

• “One or two more whippings will settle the hash with the Yankees. We hear Old Scott lost his thumb in the battle, and if it is God’s will, I hope he will lose his heading the next.”

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