Confederate Naval Department Letter Secretary of the Navy S. R. Mallory Sends Authorization to the Commander of the CSS Tallahassee, John Taylor Wood to Extend Credit to James D. Bulloch CSN, Liverpool - WRITTEN JUST A FEW DAYS BEFORE THE SHIPS LAUNCH ON AUGUST 4th… AND THE START OF AN AMAZING ADVENTURE (Be sure to read the story below)
This one-page letter on blue stationary is imprinted at the top, "Confederate States of America Navy Department, Richmond", dated July 26, 1864. It is all in the hand of S. R. Mallory, Secretary of the Navy. Here is the content:

Confederate States of America
Navy Department
Richmond, July 26 1864
      John Taylor Wood CSN
Comg. C. S. Steamer

       For pay and expenses of your vessel you are authorized to draw at ten days sight upon Commander James D. Bulloch CSN, Liverpool, Care of Frazer Trenholm Co. Liverpool for such funds as you may require to the extent of L 10,000 Ten thousand pounds sterling.

Very Reply
Yr. Ob. Sevt.
S. R. Mallory
Sec. Navy

Cross written:

Drawn Halifax August 1864 at ten days sight two drafts on Commander James D. Bulloch favors B. Wier & Co. for one thousand pounds sterling (Each 500 pounds and one in hundred pounds sterling).

Docketed on reverse:

Letter from Hon. Mr. Mallory
To J. Taylor Wood
Letter of credit for
L 10,000

Notice that the docket cross-written is from Halifax… the Tallahassee never made it to Liverpool, again, part of the amazing story of her voyage, which you can read below.

The document is in excellent condition originally purchased at the Bloomsbury Auction in New York City 20 years ago. One of the best Confederate Navy/Blockade Running pieces that we have owned.

#CG455 - Price $2,950