STOLEN 8/13/17 - A Total of 8 Union Letters/Documents Concerning the Search for Confederate Gold - Includes Letter from Union General Thomas Jordan at Lexington, N.C. & 6 from Captain Asbury P. Gatch of the 9th Ohio Cavalry
The buyer of this great grouping could divide it up or keep it together.  Perhaps the most fascinating piece is an ALS from Confederate General Thomas J. Jordan introducing Captain Nathan Horton of Company H in the 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry, who was in charge of finding the Confederate gold! 

After this great letter there are 6 from Captain Asbury P. Gatch of the 9th Ohio Cavalry, and one additional officer.  We have scanned each of these but will not take the time to transcribe them, other than this great line from the first one:

“You will send the Captain who was to go with one man to the Company shops, on the secret mission…” 

Here is the letter from Confederate General Jordan:

     Head Quarters 1st Brig. Cavalry

              Lexington, N.C. June 5, 1865


           Allow me to introduce Capt.

Horton 9th Penn. Cavalry.  The Capt.

is on duty connected with the

discovery of the gold said to have

been found by a part of this

command.  Be good enough

to allow the Capt. to make your

house his Head Quarters.

I am yours truly, Thos. J. Jordan

Br. Brig. Genl.

             Mr. Holt will accommodate

Capt. Horton & his sergeant

if he possibly can with a room

& meals. 


6th June       

We know that President Jefferson Davis and his entourage were in Lexington, N.C. on April 16-17, 1865, as the Confederate Government fled South after the April 3rd evacuation of Richmond.  Sherman received the surrender of Confederate General Johnson near Durham April 26th 1865.  Members of the 9th Penn. Cavalry were quartered in the Davison County Court House for two months starting in May as reconstruction began in the south.  GENERAL KILPATRICK ESTABLISHED HIS HEAD QUARTERS IN LEXINGTON’S FINEST RESIDENCE, THE HOMESTEAD, OWNED BY DR. HOLT. 

Condition is fine with one small hole at the left of Webb’s note.  The other 7 pieces are excellent.  One final interesting note: One of Gatch’s letters deals with seeking the arrest of Lawrence Jones, Company C 9th Pa. Cavalry, who apparently stole horses and took off with some of the treasure!  The Civil War Database states that he “deserted” on 6/9/1865. 

Great content and deserving of further research.  

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