Confederate General Killed at Gettysburg – William Dorsey Pender – One of the Rarest Civil War Autographs, & SIGNED TWICE, as Colonel of the “Bloody Sixth” North Carolina
One of the “must read” books on the Civil War is The General to His Lady – The Civil War Letters of William Dorsey Pender to Fanny Pender. These letters were found in 1939 and are now in an institution. The covers however became coveted collector’s items as owning one would be the only way to obtain this famous generals signature. Most of the covers were just addressed to “Mrs. W. D. Pender, Salem, N.C.” A very few also had his name and rank in the “return address” portion of the cover. We are privileged to offer a wonderful example of the latter.

The cover measures 3 x 5 ½ inches and is the typical brown Confederate paper. It has a circular Bristoe Station, Va. postmark and a “Due 5”. While it is addressed to Mrs. W. D. Pender, Salem, N.C., what makes this one so special is that in the upper left hand corner is:

“W. D. Pender 
Col. 6th N.C. Troops” 

On the reverse at the bottom in pencil Confederate postal authority Brian Green has signed indicating authenticity.

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