"Bloody 9th" Illinois Cav. Fights Forrest on MULES! - "We have come so accustomed to the music of balls and the shrick of shells..."

Here is a letter about one of the most “colorful” regiments in the Civil War!  Can you picture the 9th Illinois Cavalry referred to as the “Jackass Brigade” fighting Forrest’s 9th Tennessee Rebel Cavalry?  The letter is written in nice dark ink with the finest penmanship.  Check out some of the wonderful content:

·         “…we have been almost constantly in the saddle out on scouting expeditions and making raids – on the past month (July) we marched 637 miles, making an average of over 21 miles per day for the entire month, and has some 8 or ten skirmishes with the Rebs and Guerrilla bands – two of which were pretty warm engagements – in all of which we punished the enemy badly and permanently as evidenced by the heaps of dead Rebs left on the field.”


·         “In the other action we were about 300 strong and fought the 9th Tenn. Rebel cavalry, Forrest’s Regiment of Cavalry and Newsham’s Cavalry – and actually charged them in their breastworks driving them out and taking 175 or 200 prisoners besides 400 conscripts that we let go on parole.”


·         “…since January our regiment have been mounted (on mules) and at present are acting as cavalry at this post….”


·         “…this is one of the old Veteran Reg’ts and took prominent part in the Battles of Ft. Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Corinth…”


·         “…we have been mounted on mules – as the “Jackass Brigade” from the fact that no Rebel Brigaded we have yet met in the field has been able to nor ever will whip the Bloody Ninth – we have got so accustomed to the Music of Balls and the Shrick of Shells that we rather like it than otherwise.”


·         “…the Army of the Potomac is virtually asleep- (I do), the chance that they had to annihilate Lee and at last let him get across the Potomac…”


Here is a letter that you will want to keep in your collection for a long, long time! 

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