Setting Up Early Artillery Defenses - Charleston October 1861

This is an Autograph-Letter-Signed of Wilmot DeSaussure, Brigadier General Commander of the 4th Brigade, S. C. M to Gov. Pickens concerning the fears of the inhabitants of Christ Church and St. James, Santee, Parishes that their portion of coast is without defense and he wants to furnish two cannons, etc.  The ALS is written on blue paper, in fine condition.

“Head Quarters 4th Brigade S. C. M.

Charleston 11 October 1861

To His Excellency

Governor F. W. Pickens

Columbia So. Ca.


     The anxiety of the inhabitants of Christ Church and St. James Santee Parishes for some defense of their exposed sea coast line, and for a preparation to defend which they naturally resort to me as commanding the Brigade within which they are located, induced me to go to Col. Edward Manigault Chief of Ordnance, to ask what guns could be spared, in order that I may be enabled to suggest to Genl. Ripley a plan to allay the anxiety of these parishioners.  Col. Manigault informs me that there is one short eighteen pounder, and that a rifled gun could possibly be bought of Messors. Cameron & Co.  I accordingly called at Cameron & Co & found that a gun carrying a fifteen pound shot could be bought at six hundred dollars without a carriage but that the 18 pound carriages would suit it.  I ask leave therefore of your Excellency to purchase this rifled gun, and that you will also extend an order to Col. Manigault to deliver the short 18 pounder for use in Christ Church and the St. James Santee Parishes.  I will then endeavor in cooperation with Genl. Ripley to place some of the beat companies of those parishes in service, the doing which will allay the anxiety of the inhabitants and will as far as the means of the state will permit give protection to about forty miles of coast.  This section of the State has had, as yet, nothing furnished for its defense.

I am Sir with great respect,

   Your Excellency’s Obt. Servt.

         Wilmot G. DeSaussure

         Brig. Genl. Comdg. 4th Brigade S.C.M”

On Reverse by Pickens
      “Genl. Gist will consult with me as to this.”


The letter is written on blue stationary and is in excellent condition with only minor aging. 


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