The Andersonville Memorabilia of Hiram Buckingham, Company A 16th Connecticut Infantry - One of the few who escaped!
Private Hiram Buckingham, a resident of Hartford, Connecticut, enlisted on August 6th, 1862 and became a member of Company A of the 16th Connecticut Infantry.  On April 20th, 1864, he was captured at Plymouth, North Carolina.  The men captured at Plymouth were referred to by the “Raiders” (Union prisoners who would rob and steal fresh meat) as “Pilgrims”.  BUCKINGHAM WAS ONE OF THE VERY FEW WHO ACTUALLY ESCAPED FROM ANDERSONVILLE ON 9/20/64. 

We are offering a collection of 5 pieces owned by Buckingham.  This collection would make a wonderful display in a museum or one of our country’s finest collections.  Buckingham himself originally had these items framed.  As Secretary of the Andersonville Survivors Committee, he had two cards printed up (as listed below)

1)     Buckingham’s prisoner of war badge.  This badge shows a prisoner being attacked by a prison guard dog.  At the top it says, “Andersonville 1864” at the bottom “Death before dishonor”. Buckingham was from Connecticut and at the top of the badge is the hanger with “Connecticut Survivors of…” below that is a bar with “Andersonville” on it.  The ribbon is a red white and blue American flag.

2) A 3 ½ x 5 ½ card listing the officers of the National Prisoner of War Association.  Buckingham’s name appears as “Secretary” and after his name, he has written “Designer of badge”.  In the middle of the card is a picture of the badge he designed.

3)    A 3 ½ x 5 ½ card with a printed picture of the shanty that Buckingham lived in at Andersonville.  Under the drawing in period ink, Buckingham has written “H. B. Builder”.  At the bottom of the page in type face, “Andersonville Palatial Residence”.  Along with this card is a 3 ½ x 2 inch card that Buckingham had placed under the “shanty” card in his display.  Written in period ink:

“Residence of

Hiram Buckingham

Andersonville Ga.

During summer 1864”


What makes the card of his dwelling so great is what is written on the board that was affix to the back of his framed items… it is our number 4. 


4)    A 6 ½ x 8 ½ inch heavy card stock board from the back of Buckingham’s framed items.  The board has toned quick dark, but in period ink (all readable Buckingham has written:


                      “April 20 to Oct. 1864

Sketched by Charles Post, Essex Ct.

Co. K 11th Conn. Inf. an old schoolmate while

in Andersonville, where he died Sept. 1st, 1864.

No. of grave 7487.

             This shanty was built and occupied

by myself and Charlie Post 11th Conn. Norman

Hope Co. A 16th Conn. Albert Walker Commissary

Sergt. 16th Conn. and J. W. Merrill 24th N.Y.

Battery whom I took in sick.  Got a pass one

day to go out to cut wood and brought the poles

and pine boughs with which it was thatched in

my blanket.

              I am washing in a big pine chip

made my escape in Oct. by taking the name
of a dead sailor John Sullivan.  Ship

under writer captured in New Berne, N.C.

For whom the Govt. made speech and made

by way of Libby Prison Richmond.

                                             Hiram Buckingham”


Charles Post of Essex, Connecticut died of disease at Anderson Prison on September 1st, 1864.  He is buried in the Anderson National Cemetery, gravesite number 7487. 

5)    Hiram Buckingham’s photo mounted in a large G.A.R. 7 x 13 inch 5 pointed star made of brass. This is mounted on a walnut board.  Apparently, the different officers of the Andersonville Survivors Association were each presented with one of these personalized medallions.  There is a 7 x 3 inch eagle at the top. Underneath Buckingham’s 2 inch photo is a U.S. flag.  Inscribed under Buckingham’s photo is “Hiram Buckingham, Q. M. Sergt. 16 Conn. Vols.”  - A very impressive piece! 

Our grouping presents a truly “amazing story”… Buckingham, one of the few men who escaped from Andersonville, and an item drawn by his tent mate who died at Andersonville. 

#S132 – Price $2,495