ALS Union General Charles K. Graham Writes from Libby Prison August 11th, 1863 after being Wounded & Captured at the Battle of Gettysburg – He Comments on his Wounds Condition
This 1 page letter (that’s all they were allowed to write) is written in nice clear pencil. He is writing to his nephew, Alvey, and his nephew dockets on the reverse in ink: “Gen. Charles K. Graham, Libby Prison, Richmond, Va. Aug. 11, 1863”. Whenever a letter is in pencil it is nice to have a period ink docket!

Graham is responding to a letter his nephew wrote on July 27th. Humorously, Graham writes, “I was surprised to hear that your ratings of me were so meager. Indisposed to correspondence at all times, my usual habits are not likely to be bettered by my present surroundings. But I have been informed that my condition has been mentioned incidentally by our papers several times & these paragraphs I supposed would be seen by my friends. Restricted to one side of a sheet & the letter to be unsealed, details cannot be entered into. The confusion on my hip was disappeared, but the soreness of the joint still continues & a kidney infection its consequence, will last sometime longer. The wound through the muscle of my shoulders, 8 inches in length, is doing beautifully. My spirits are good. My health excellent.”

An historic letter from one of Gettysburg’s wounded heroes.

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